Okinawa To Bring An Electric Maxi Scooter To Auto Expo 2020

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  • Jan 23, 2020
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Okinawa will also unveil an electric motorcycle along with the new scooter

  • The upcoming electric scooter could have a range of 75km-80km.
  • It gets a digital instrument console, LED lights and a front disc brake.
  • Expect it to be priced around Rs 1.10 lakh.

Currently, Okinawa offers a range of electric scooters in India. Eight to be precise. However, the Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer plans to expand its portfolio ever further by showcasing an all-electric motorcycle, the Oki100, and an electric maxi-styled scooter at Auto Expo 2020. Apart from the teaser image released by the company, there’s barely any information regarding this new electric scooter. However, we might have a clue or two about what it could be.

Just like most other electric two-wheeler manufacturers that operate in the country, Okinawa assembles and sells rebadged versions of e-scooters sold in other parts of the world. In fact, some of Okinawa’s scooters look eerily similar to the ones sold by Zhejiang Luyuan Electric Scooter Co. Ltd in China. If you browse through the company’s website, you will find the same scooters that Okinawa offers in India - like the Praise Pro and Lite. Dig deeper and you will find Luyuan’s maxi-styled scooter, which we believe could very well be Okinawa’s “new electric maxi-styled scooter”.

The scooter in question is 50mm longer than the Suzuki Burgman Street, which is the only maxi scooter on sale in India right now. At 131kg, the electric scooter is quite heavy. On the website, it says that the scooter is powered by a 1500W motor, which will help it to reach a top speed of 50kmph. Now, if we have learnt one thing from riding electric scooters, it is the fact that speedo errors are quite common. In fact, the Gemopai Astrid Lite could barely reach 50kmph even though it showed 65kmph on the speedometer. Whether Okinawa plans to tweak this motor for a higher top speed or not is yet to be known. 

It gets a lead-acid battery which offers a range of around 75km-80km. Luyuan claims the battery can be charged in 3hours to 8hours. That’s not a typo (at least from our end), the company does say 3-8 hours. While the details are still vague, we’ll get a clearer picture when Okinawa released the scooter’s spec sheet at the Auto Expo.

There’s no official word on the price yet, but we expect it be around Rs 1.1 lakh (ex-showroom).




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