Ford Fiesta powers racers from grassroots to WRC

The Ford Fiesta in every shape and size is globally a driver's delight. The car has been around for quite some time now and has a loyal fan following both on the road and in motorsport. Read on to know about the Fiesta's rally variants

Ford’s road car the Fiesta is a dynamic machine to drive just like every other ford car. The Fiesta in the UK is a hugely popular family hatchback. Ford’s M –Sport division took the standard car and created five Fiesta rally models to compete in various rallies across the world and at the grassroots level. At the base of Ford’s ladder of opportunity is the Fiesta MS1 which is based on the 1.6 litre Fiesta Zetec S road car, for entry level novice drivers. The MS1 can be upgraded to an R2 as resources and competition rules allow it to.

Gerard Quinn, Chief of Ford Motorsport Europe, said the Fiesta road car offered a perfect base from which to construct the ladder. "The core attributes of the production Ford Fiesta provide so much of what is required from a successful rally car," he said.  "Its strength is an obvious benefit in such a demanding discipline, both mechanically and in the high-level of safety that is provided to the occupants.

"Its short wheelbase guarantees agility in all five rally car variants and Fiesta's popularity can be seen on rally stages across the globe.  This season the Fiesta RS WRC has established itself at the highest level of the sport, adding to the success of the S2000 and R2 models.  I'm confident the recently launched RRC and MS1 versions will become equally successful," added Quinn.

The Fiesta R2 forms the basis for the FIA WRC Academy which is supported by Ford as the sport’s new training programme for young drivers within the WRC. The car also competes in the Fiesta Sporting Trophy held in eight nations as a one make race series. 

The Fiesta S2000 is the middle of the range rally spec Fiesta from which the RS WRC was developed. The S2000 competes in the FIA S-WRC, a support series of the WRC. 

The Fiesta Regional Rally Car (RRC) is second in line, it shares the same DNA as the RS WRC. The car competes in national championships as well as world championships. An upgrade kit can be fit onto the RRC in six hours which converts the car into WRC mode. 

The Fiesta RS WRC is Ford’s top of the line rally car which competes in the FIA World Rally Championship. The four wheel drive racer is currently driven by Mikko Hirvonnen and Jari-Matti Latvala in the WRC. The car will be on display on Ford’s stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Fiesta RS WRC is powered by the same 1.6 litre direct injection turbo charged engine with EcoBoost technology, which does duty in Ford’s latest road cars. 

Ford’s rally team boss, Malcolm Wilson is a former British Rally champion with Ford was also the company’s Chief test driver commented on Ford’s rally strategy by saying, “As a youngster, with hopes of becoming a professional rally driver, it was exactly this type of ladder of opportunity that encouraged me to drive Ford cars in the early days of my career. I made the progression from grass roots to being a world championship driver with Ford and with a structured path now in place, there has never been a better opportunity for rising stars to reach the top level of the sport with Ford.”

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