Even Purists Would Approve Of This Electric Motorcycle

However, being unique comes at a cost, in this case Rs 65.68 lakh!

You know electric mobility is gathering momentum when a luxury bike maker like Curtiss Motorcycles takes the plunge. Fret not, the company’s new electric motorcycle, aptly called the One, will still win every purist’s heart, for it is thoroughly modern, yet doesn’t deviate from the century-old legacy of Glen Curtiss.

It wouldn’t be wrong to label the Curtiss One as the modern day rendition of the original Curtiss V-8 motorcycle. Just like the original bike that had an outlandish wheelbase of 1879mm, the One also has a long wheelbase of 1625.6mm, but now, is adjustable. So, the 31 degree rake could be shortened to 27 degree, thereby tightening the wheelbase by 50.8mm.

That’s not all, the ground clearance too can go from 152.4mm to an ADV-like 203mm, depending on the rake. So, how does Curtiss Motorcycles achieve this? The unique, modular machined billet aluminum Triple Load Path (TLP) frame is an aircraft-inspired concept that makes up for one of the slimmest frames for a motorcycle-- just like the original V8.

The 399V battery pack makes up for the structural component of the TLP frame, and is aesthetically inspired by the carbureted V8 engine that powered the original. This battery pack comes with a sophisticated immersion cooling system when the batteries are immersed in a non-conductive coolant. Though the company has refrained from mentioning the range, the performance numbers are mind-numbing. From a steady supply of 88PS and 162Nm, it peaks at 121.6PS and 200Nm. In fact, you can even push it to 220PS and 368Nm! The motor can be tuned via cloud-based software updates.

The original motorcycle was void of “useless” components like suspension and brakes. Curtiss One, meanwhile, gets top-of-the-line components. UK’s bespoke brake manufacturer, Beringer supplies its 4D cast-iron disc with radially-mounted four-piston Aerotec calipers at both ends. Like the rest of the bike, the suspension too is a piece of art. The Curtiss One comes with modular carbonfibre and aluminum girders featuring fully-adjustable RaceTech monoshock at both ends. Even the 19-inch wheels are constructed using the exquisite, lightweight material and wrapped in Dunlop K180 tyres.

Despite the $90,000 (Rs 65.68 lakh) price tag, Curtiss One doesn’t feature smartphone connectivity, riding modes, fancy electronics or gadgets like other modern electric bikes. Instead, it leaves you smitten with its performance and elated with the direction motorcycles are headed in...much like the original Curtiss V-8.


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