Coronavirus Update: MG Motor India Partners With MAX Ventilator To Increase Production Of Device

The carmaker has been involved in various initiatives to help in the battle against coronavirus


  • MAX Ventilator is among the top 25 ventilator brands in the world.
  • The target in phase I is 300 ventilators per month with 1,000 in the second phase.
  • The carmaker is also donating 100 Hectors for coronavirus assistance in India.
  • Other measures include distribution of health and hygiene kits, PPE kits, surgical masks, gloves, sanitizers, sanitizer sprayers, food and ration kits.

MG Motor is one of the many carmakers currently involved in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. It recently revealed that it will provide 100 Hector SUVs for coronavirus assistance. Besides, MG Motor India has announced a partnership with MAX Ventilator to increase ventilator production. MAX Ventilator is one of the top 25 ventilator brands in the world and supplies the medical device to private hospitals.

The main objective of this partnership will be to assist in ventilator production with a focus on specific areas of the supply chain, IT systems, and manufacturing processes. The joint venture expects production capacity to increase by five times to 300 ventilators per month in phase I within 8 weeks. In the next phase, production capacity will be increased to up to 1,000 ventilators per month depending on the demand.  

The carmaker has already been offering support to communities by donating health and hygiene kits, PPE kits, surgical masks, gloves, sanitizers, sanitizer sprayers, food, and ration kits. MG has also provided 100 MG ZS EVs to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.

Several manufacturers in India have come forward to assist in the battle against the pandemic. Hyundai has donated Rs 5 crore to Tamil Nadu CM's Relief Fund and Rs 7 crore to the PM CARES Fund. It is also helping with the production and distribution of ventilators. Meanwhile, Mahindra is working on prototype ventilators while Maruti Suzuki is coordinating with suppliers to accelerate the manufacture of safety equipment such as ventilators, face masks, and protective clothing.  

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