You Can Now Check Out Any Audi In Your Living Room Before Buying It Online!

Audi joins the likes of carmakers like Hyundai, Tata, Renault, BMW, MG, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz and Mahindra in introducing their own online sales platforms


  • Feature highlights include 360 degree visualiser with augmented reality.
  • Customers can avail online booking, purchase and doorstep delivery of Audi vehicles.
  • Existing customers can schedule servicing appointments for their cars along with pick up and drop facilities.

The coronavirus lockdown and social distancing norms have caused a new trend by carmakers in India to switch to online sales platforms. These include Hyundai, Tata, Renault, BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, FCA, Kia, MG Motor, Mahindra and Mercedes-Benz. And now Audi India has joined the fray with its own online sales platform. 

Through this online platform Audi customers can avail of services such as booking, purchasing cars and door-step delivery. Customers will have to  create an account under Audi Shop, select the car of their choice, select the closest dealership and then payment options. A dealership representative will then contact the customer and guide them on the rest of the purchasing process.  

Some highlights of Audi’s online services include a 360 degree view of the car as well as augmented reality where customers can visualise the car at home via a smartphone camera. Existing customers can also use this online platform to schedule a servicing appointment for their Audi along with pickup and drop facilities. 

Expect more carmakers to join the fray as they attempt to bounce back from a tough month with zero car sales. 

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