2021 Honda CB150 Verza vs Unicorn 160: Spec Comparison

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  • Jun 21, 2021
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Comparing the new aged CB150 Verza to the iconic Unicorn 160 on paper


The Honda Unicorn has been competing in the Indian two-wheeler space for over a decade now. It even played a crucial role in cementing Honda’s two-wheeler business in India by raking in the numbers. In fact, even today, demand for the bike is such that Honda still manages to sell thousands of Unicorns every month. 

However, the year’s 2021, and the market has moved from simple reliable commuters to more technologically advanced and stylish ones. Could Honda’s new age CB150 Verza sold overseas be the perfect replacement for the aging Unicorn?




2021 Honda CB150 Verza

Honda Unicorn 160


150cc, air-cooled, SOHC single-cylinder motor

162.7cc, air-cooled, SOHC single-cylinder motor


13.04PS @ 8500rpm

12.9PS @ 7500rpm


12.73Nm @ 6000rpm

14Nm @ 5500rpm




The Unicorn, despite being an old bike, packs a bigger engine. It may be down on power, but it puts out more torque lower down the rev range. In theory, this should make it more usable in the city and the quicker bike off the line. 

However, the CB150 is 11kg lighter, makes more power and only loses out when you consider its 1.27Nm torque deficit. So it’s tough to pick a clear winner.

We reckon the Unicorn's linear power delivery may help it bolt off the line quicker, but the CB150 may soon close the gap in the sprint to 100kmph. 




2021 Honda CB150 Verza

Honda Unicorn 160


Diamond Type

Diamond Type

Front suspension



Rear suspension

Dual shock absorbers


Front brake


240mm disc

Rear brake


130mm drum

Front tyre



Rear tyre



You’d probably expect the 2021 CB150 Verza to come equipped with modern hardware. But that’s far from the case. The bike’s pegged to be a simple commuter, just like the Unicorn. Sure, it looks more youthful, but underneath is a simple, tried and tested foundation. 

Both bikes are built on a diamond frame which uses a conventional telescopic fork. However, the Unicorn features a modern monoshock at the rear compared to the dual shock absorber on the CB150. A monoshock offers better and more precise damping, which results in better handling and stability. 

However, dual shocks do a better job of hauling load than a monoshock. They are also tuned to be softly sprung, which enables them to absorb bumps slightly better, thus offering a supple ride. Attributes that are perfect for Indian road conditions. 

The Versa also benefits from disc brakes at both ends for better stopping power, and smaller 17-inch wheels for better handling. 




2021 Honda CB150 Verza

Honda Unicorn 160




Ground clearance



Fuel tank capacity



Seat height



Kerb weight



Further highlighting its handling capabilities is the CB150’s shorter wheelbase. The fact that it weighs 11kg lighter should also make it more flickable in city traffic and easier to move around in the parking lot. The lower seat height should make it more accessible to shorter riders as well. 

Ground clearance is an important aspect when you consider Indian road conditions, and that’s where the Unicorn has the upper hand. 




Price (ex-showroom)

2021 Honda CB150 Verza

Rp. 20,290,000 (approximately Rs 1.04 lakh)

Honda Unicorn 160

Rs 97,356

But it all boils down to the price. The new age CB150 Verza sold in Indonesia costs about Rs 6,600 more than the Unicorn. For the premium, you get a trendy new motorcycle that’s apt for Indian road conditions, lighter, more agile (in theory) and better suited for shorter riders. The perfect recipe for the commuter segment if you ask us. But this means that Honda would have to manufacture the bike in India, which is a huge business commitment. 

The Unicorn, on the other hand, is still pretty popular and does bring in the numbers despite its age. Honda may replace the bike eventually, but would the CB150 Verza be its true successor? Only time will tell.

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