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Yamaha FZ-S V4 Vs FZ-S V3: New Vs Old In 5 Pics

More sophistication but at a reasonable price tag

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The Yamaha FZ range has amassed considerable popularity among bikers for its muscular styling, practical performance and easy-on-the-pocket price tag. Over the years, Yamaha has been periodically feeding the FZ enough tech and features to stay relevant in the premium commuter segment just like it has in this recent update. The new FZ-S Version 4 packs a few new things which help it stand out over the previous-gen standard FZ-S. Here’s a closer look at these new updates in five pics:


The standard FZ-S gets LED lighting, so it’s not like you’re getting outdated technology, but the new FZ-S Version 4 gets a redesigned and brighter unit. Hence, in terms of aesthetics, FZ-S Version 4 looks fresher.

LED indicators:

LED indicators unlike the LED headlight and taillight on the standard FZ-S is an optional extra. But on the FZ-S V4 DLX variant however, it will be offered as standard. The base variant, likely to launch later this year, may not have LED indicators as standard.

Revised instrumentation:

Another subtle but new addition to the FZ-S V4 is an all new digital instrument cluster. It’s still an LCD just the standard FZ-S but the layout, readouts and housing are new for that extra premium touch. 

Traction Control System:

Yes, it seems like overkill to have traction control on a bike like the FZ-S, which primarily spends most of its life in the city, but for a premium commuter buyer, this tech could be lucrative. Both, the standard FZ-S and the new FZ-S V4 get single channel ABS, hence this will be a big differentiating factor between the two models in terms of safety.   

E20 fuel:

Flex fuel is a hot new topic in the quest for renewable fuel sources. While India has been pushing to bring about this change, the new FZ-S Version 4 is among the first motorcycles in India to be E20 flex fuel compliant. Hence, unlike the standard FZ-S which only runs on pure petrol, FZ-S V4 can run on 20 percent ethanol and 80 percent petrol.

On paper, these updates seem marginal and a little underwhelming. Especially considering that the first thing we would have liked to see on the FZ-S V4 is more power. However, flex fuel robs most motorcycles of their performance and despite being E20 compatible, the FZ-S V4 continues to make the same output (12.4PS and 13.3Nm) as before, which is good. 

At Rs 1.27 lakh, the FZ-S V4 is almost Rs 3,000 more than the standard FZ-S V3 (Deluxe) which costs Rs 1.24 lakh (all prices ex-showroom Delhi). But given the number of updates you get on the FZ-S V4, the price hike seems more than justified.

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