This Suzuki Hayabusa Aspires To Be The World’s Fastest Snow Bike

  • Jan 25, 2023
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With a rear snow track setup, this modified ‘Busa gives a whole new meaning to traction control!

Assume that your love for snow bikes has made you want to push the envelope and do something a bit (okay, more than a bit) crazy. What do you do? Well, you get one of the world’s fastest production bikes and make it ready for the snow, right? What a no-brainer, of course! 

USA-based Grind Hard Plumbing Company (GHPC) has done exactly that, with a 2005 first-generation Suzuki Hayabusa! This Timbersled Riot 3 snow bike boasts a 129-inch long rubber track, fitted with gnarly three-inch paddles for digging into the snow. Up front, the wheel was replaced with a super wide ski to help the heavy bike slide over dense snow. The entire rear swingarm assembly was removed to make way for the track system. Some modifications were required to the bike's sprockets too. All up, the kit left the bike with a total gain of just about 24 pounds (almost 11kg).

The finished product is a demon in the snow, as you'd expect with 173PS on tap. The Hayabusa streaks away, with acceleration akin to a highly-tuned snowmobile. The boffins who made it say that it took about a week to be fully made, after which they took it out for multiple test runs and it looks like it handles surprisingly well. Even though it will be heavy, it still has the ability to wheelie, if you can call it that given the bike has no wheels at all. Insane!

Future plans involve taking the bike out for a proper high-speed test in the mountains, and we absolutely can’t wait to see how this speed demon performs on ice. Before that, though, some upgrades are required. In particular, the front end will be getting an extra shock absorber, along with some reinforcement to prevent further failures. 

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The GHPC emphasises that it does not suggest anyone try this at home. But then not many snowmobile kits are designed with THE HAYABUSA in mind, so not that we weren’t trying. Is it the world’s fastest snow bike? That’s going to be difficult to tell, even when they get it to the mountain and can get it to go as fast as it wants. Is it the funnest? That’s totally subjective, but we are reasonably confident in saying that any day spent riding is a better day than if you don’t.

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