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Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa
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  • This is only one bike in

    This is only one bike in india jo ki this looking is best for other bikes it's speed and it's sound very nice 👍 i love this bike

  • Hayabusa good

    Hayabusa good looking very power full sound it is amazing.People reaction full attraction my FAVOURITE bike in world.

  • The sound of it is amazing

    The sound of it is amazing and it's lokks also touches heart on road people's reaction you can see if you drive

  • This bike is amazing and

    This bike is amazing and king 👑 of my heart ❤️ this bike looks good and sound tuch my heart

  • Bhot pyari gaadi hai bhot

    Bhot pyari gaadi hai bhot hi mast bhot khub chalane am maza ayega bhai logo ko chalao bhot maza aayega inshallah

  • All are very nice in this

    All are very nice in this bike.Firtly i like look of this bike.

  • Superb Bike In This Segment

    I recently had the opportunity to experience the exhilarating Hayabusa roller coaster at my favourite theme park, and it left me absolutely awe-struck. From start to finish, this ride delivered an adrenaline-pumping adventure that I won't soon forget. The anticipation built as I approached the towering structure of the Hayabusa. Its sleek design and twisting track promised an intense ride, and it did not disappoint. As I boarded the coaster and secured myself, I could feel the excitement in the air. The ride began with a slow ascent up a seemingly endless hill, allowing me to take in the breathtaking views of the park below. The moment the coaster's cars crested the hill, gravity took over, and we were launched into a breathtaking series of twists, turns, and loops. The sensation of speed was absolutely mind-boggling, and the wind rushing past added to the thrill. One of the standout moments of the ride was the incredible loop-de-loop, which had my heart pounding as I experienced the feeling of weightlessness. The corkscrews and barrel rolls that followed only intensified the adrenaline rush. What truly sets the Hayabusa apart is its smoothness and precision. Despite the rapid changes in direction and speed, I felt secure in my seat, and the coaster's engineering excellence was evident. As the ride came to a close with a final burst of speed, I couldn't help but applaud the designers and operators of the Hayabusa roller coaster. It's a true testament to the art and science of amusement park rides. In conclusion, the Hayabusa roller coaster is an absolute must-ride for thrill-seekers and coaster enthusiasts. It offers a heart-pounding experience with its speed, loops, and twists, all while maintaining a level of safety and smoothness that sets it apart from the rest. If you're up for an unforgettable adventure, don't miss the chance to take a ride on the Hayabusa.

  • Comfortable ergonomics

    The suzuki hayabusa is a high-performance sportbike beloved by enthusiasts for its combination of power, Speed, And style.With its powerful engine and aerodynamic design, It offers exhilarating acceleration and impressive top speeds.Riders appreciate its comfortable ergonomics for long-distance touring, Although its size and weight can be a challenge for some in tight maneuvers.Overall, The hayabusa is a standout choice for those seeking a thrilling riding experience with a blend of performance and comfort.Its been 15000 km i have rude this bike gone through every terrain at some times when i was in leh ladakh in 2019 rude with my crew and some friends while iwas riding busa on extrem.Ley rough and high ascending road where aa decent amount of speed river is flowing it's didn't even spin or slip any time but iwas sure i will buy busa's heavy loaded weight have a stable hold to ground and it's it's cross the path like a it's going through a highway just unexpectedly very well it then on overall ride through every tough terrain like leh i was ridden busa some point time it's alsotouch engine rocksand ground though it's have an really low ground clearance and really it's track oriented afterall but apart of this it's a great to have a bike like busaa in any where literally anywhere to every where just my thing.

  • stronger low and mid-range performance

    This engine displaces the same 340cc as before, But it’s been heavily reworked with new pistons, Connecting rods, And camshafts, Among other things. As part of the update, The motor has lost 7hp, Taking the total down to a (still mental) 190hp and 150nm. Despite this, Suzuki says this is actually a faster accelerating hayabusa than before because the loss in top-end power is made up for with even stronger low and mid-range performance. The bike is still electronically limited to 299kph, So there is no change in the official top speed, But what really makes the busa special is its incredible mid-range performance – you just don’t need to rev this bike out. On almost all litre-class super bikes that scream to 14000 rpm or 15000 rpm, The fun only starts upwards of 6000 rpm, But with the busa you can stay below 5000 rpm all day long and travel at a very brisk pace. However, If you do take it up to the 11000 rpm redline, Be prepared for life-changing levels of acceleration to match the wild 200-plus horse power super bikes. In fact, With its long, Low and heavy nature, This bike puts the power down more effectively and is less prone to pulling big wheelies under acceleration. I have no doubt that this is still one of the fastest accelerating road-legal bikes on the planet.

  • bike is a rider's fantasy come true.

    ADitya's Bold Decision: Aditya, a friend of mine, made the daring choice to purchase a sleek black Suzuki Hayabusa. The bike stands out among motorbikes thanks to its commanding presence and potent performance. A layer of safety is added to the exhilarating ride thanks to the combination of Double Disc front brakes and a Disc rear brake, which guarantees rapid and effective braking. Despite weighing 266 kg, the Hayabusa feels steady and well-balanced, enabling Aditya to comfortably navigate through a variety of environments and circumstances. In conclusion, the Suzuki Hayabusa is more than simply a motorcycle; it is a symbol of strength, style, and adventure. Aditya's decision to ride the Hayabusa is evidence that this bike is a rider's fantasy come true.

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