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What Transpired On 20th International Jawa-Yezdi Day

From the best restored to fun adventure trails, Sunday was a fun day for the old boys and the new

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Despite the heavy rain and multiple cities in the country issuing colourful alerts, Jawa and Yezdi owners took to the streets this past Sunday (10 July 2022) to celebrate the 20th International Jawa-Yezdi Day. But I guess, that’s the spirit of motorcycling, come rain or shine, we ride!

The India chapter of this international festival witnessed a massive turnout of over 5,000 attendees around the country. The event was primarily organised at dealership level but also had a headlining event in Bengaluru.

Over 1,200 people including 1,000 classic and new Jawa/Yezdi motorcycle owners convened at St. Joseph’s School grounds in Bengaluru for the main event. 

Activities like ‘adventure trail’, tentpole displays of classic Jawa and Yezdi bikes, and live performances kept the weekend buzzing. There were even competitions for the best restored and best maintained classics too.


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