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Yezdi Adventure
Yezdi Adventure
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  • Test drive

    I have this beuty when i try to test drive this i love this mashine good pik up looks so agressive under budget bike 🤟✅

  • Test drive

    I have this beuty when i try to test drive this i love this mashine good pik up looks so agressive under budget bike 🤟✅

  • Restoring trust with yezdi

    Modern function and practicality making it a top choice among all, the Yezdi Adventure is a total go-to two wheeler model for absolutely all the purposes. My buying experience at a nearby hero showroom was quite pleasing and smooth. The purchase range is also quite offering and is budget friendly in exchange of modern features that function very smoothly, providing hassle free rides all along your commutes. The ground clearance is good. This model comes with good fuel capacity and stunning looks as well.

  • Adventure Awaits, Yezdi Style.

    Every Tour on my Yezdi Adventure is exactly an elevator. It's full of adventure and Yezdi faculty on and off the road. This is not my average megacity sportfisher. It all comes down to executing on the fun and adventure the Adventure Model offers. With long-term builds and customizable versions, each Adventureride is a statement of Yezdi’s commitment to exciting insights. It’s not a perfect bike. Each Yezdi pilgrimage route and route has the appropriate definition of lech aboard for the pilgrimage because the phrase and the remedy are contained within it

  • Excellent value for money

    It is an adventure bike with a six speed manual gearbox and great performance and produces good power and torque, is quite steady over long distances, and has well controlled vibrations. This bike is excellent both on and off road because of its excellent dynamics and soft suspension and is reasonably loaded and offers excellent value for the money, but the firm seat is a major drawback on lengthy excursions. Along with having a fantastic look, the front design is impressive and has a complete digital instrumentation cluster.

  • 4.6
    Yezdi adventure

    I have purchased my bike that is yezdi adventure onnfeb 2022.The is now more than 15 months old and driven more than 12kms so far.So far my experience is good.About built quality, There is no any rusting issue on my bike.Except very few on accessorie part, Especially on tank cage.Engine performance very good.There is no any vibration from engine upto 120 kmph speed.After that engine become very loud.And little bit buzzy vibration feel on foot pegs.After 10k kms i observed minor leakage from engine head.But i was under warranty, So service center fixed this issue.Initially my bike's clutch was very hard.Now i changed to slipper assist clutch, So now clutch is very soft.It costs me around 8.5k, From service center.I usually drive my bike on highway and city mixed.So getting fuel economy is around 26/27 kmpl.So far i am satisfied with my bike.I can recommend anyone who is looking for a budget adventure bike.

  • Budget-friendly Adventure Bike

    I purchased my bike which is Yezdi Adventure in May 2022 and I am using this bike for 15 months. My experience is really good. About built quality, there is no rusting issue on my bike. Except for very few on accessorized parts, especially on the tank cage. Engine performance is very good, there is no vibration from the engine up to 120 mph speed. After that engine becomes very loud and has a little bit buzzy of vibration feel on foot the pegs. After 10k kms minor leakage from the engine. But the bike was under warranty. So the service center fixed this issue. Initially, my bike's clutch was very hard. Now I changed to a slipper assist clutch, so now the clutch is very soft. It costs me around 8.5k, from the service center. I usually ride my bike on the highway and city mixed. So getting fuel economy is around 26/27 kmpl. So far I am satisfied with my bike. I can recommend anyone who is looking for a budget-friendly adventure bike.

  • the appeal of the unknown

    Adventure into uncharted realms with the Yezdi Adventure, a harmonious mix of audacious design and unwavering disquisition. Its sturdy construction and purposeful aesthetics promise an out- road odyssey, while the potent machine guarantees unyielding performance across different geographies. The rider- centric ergonomics insure comfort during expansive peregrinations, with the bike's deftness adding a gusto of exhilaration to every path taken. Boasting contemporary advancements like advanced suspense and an adaptable control system, the Yezdi Adventure painlessly navigates trails and roadways likewise. While subtle tweaks could upgrade the experience, the Yezdi Adventure stands altitudinous as an personification of bottomless disquisition, inviting suckers to embrace the appeal of the unknown.

  • Eye catchy bike

    Experience into unfamiliar domains with the Yezdi Experience, an agreeable blend of nervy plan and unfaltering disquisition. Its tough development and deliberate feel guarantee an out-street odyssey, while the strong machine ensures relentless execution across various geologies. The rider-driven ergonomics protect solace during sweeping peregrinations, with the bike's deftness adding a zeal of invigoration to each way taken. Flaunting contemporary progressions like high-level tension and a versatile control framework, the Yezdi Experience easily explores trails and streets in like manner. While inconspicuous changes could overhaul the experience, the Yezdi Experience stands altitudinous as an embodiment of endless disquisition, welcoming suckers to embrace the allure of the unexplored world.

  • "Embark on Adventurous Journeys with the Yezdi Adv

    I use daily the Yezdi Adventure Bike to go on daring adventures. With plenitude of versatility and delicate terrain capabilities, I am fond of this model because it provides good avail. The Yezdi Experience ensures that you may confidently visit colorful areas by furnishing pleased with seats and a affable lift. It's a dependable supporter for intriguing systems becaI use daily to its strong engine areas for carrying and amazing rough terrain capabilities. The Yezdi Experience's outside design exudes hardness and a feeling of preparedness, while the interior's features give comfort and slice- edge technology. Its grueling terrain features, affable ergonomics, and strong form quality are each given stars. nevertheless, possible downsides could keep in mind the limited top speed for roads.

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