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New Mahindra Scorpio N Video Shows Truth About Water Leakage From Sunroof

Previously, a video was being circulated on social media showing the roof leaking in a waterfall crossing, but here’s the truth

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Recently, a social media video of the Mahindra Scorpio N emerged where the SUV’s sunroof was leaking heavily under a waterfall crossing, soaking right through the roof-mounted speaker grilles. This sparked a debate on the internet about the ladder-frame SUV’s build quality and fit and finish.

Now, a new video posted on the official Mahindra Scorpio N social media pages repeats the experiment with a sunroof-equipped SUV to see if the roof really leaks that badly. Here’s the proof: 

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A post shared by Mahindra Scorpio (@mahindra.scorpio.official)

Simply put, nothing happens, and nothing should happen if you drive a Scorpio N under a waterfall. In the above video, there is no leakage and the interiors of the SUV come out completely dry after the waterfall crossing. 

Why did the Scorpio N’s roof leak? 

It seems that the Scorpio N’s roof began leaking when the sunroof’s rubber seals were pushed out of place by the force of the water. This could have happened due to the sunroof not shutting properly which allowed some of the water to force its way in through the roof-mounted speaker grilles. 

Need to be careful with sunroofs 

Sunroofs are a sought-after feature in the Indian market, but they require some maintenance and aren’t immune to leaks if you don’t take care of them. The rubber seals need to be cleaned and inspected during regular servicing, failing which the roof can leak water under heavy rainfall (or under a waterfall) and its electrical wiring could get damaged. 

So, there you have it – the Scorpio N’s roof doesn’t have a design flaw and will work even under a waterfall if the sunroof seals fit correctly. How do you feel about sunroofs? Are they a necessary comfort feature or something you can live without? Let us know in the comments.

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