5 Things The Tata Altroz CNG Does Better Than The Maruti Suzuki Baleno CNG

  • May 23, 2023
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With its unique cylinder configuration and premium features, the Tata Altroz CNG is here to rewrite the rulebook for what a CNG car should look like

The Tata Altroz is the latest of the premium hatchbacks to be offered with a factory-fitted CNG kit in India. And unlike the typical norm for CNG cars where carmakers usually offer it in the lower trims and aren’t too focussed on the features front, Tata has introduced new features with the Altroz CNG and has offered it in its top-spec variant. 

Those features will also be carried over to its ICE-powered variants soon, but as it stands, the Altroz CNG is a pretty well-equipped premium hatchback, especially for a CNG vehicle. How well? Let’s compare it with its direct rival — the Maruti Baleno CNG – and see what it packs over its chief nemesis:

Twin Cylinder Layout 

With the Altroz CNG, Tata has pioneered an innovative twin CNG cylinder layout instead of a single one. The two are placed parallel to each other, freeing up a lot of space inside the boot - 210 litres of it. That's pretty impressive for a CNG vehicle. The Maruti Baleno, on the other hand, uses the traditional format with a single humongous cylinder gobbling up most of the space inside.


Tata has taken quite an unusual approach with the Altroz CNG by adding new features to the hatchback’s brochure with the cleaner fuel alternative. In doing so, the Altroz CNG now gets a sunroof from its mid-spec XM+ (S) trim - something that wasn’t even present in its standard variants. And the best part is it will soon be offered with the rest of the powertrains. The Baleno, meanwhile, doesn’t get a sunroof at all, not even in its top-spec petrol powered variant.

CNG Start

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Most CNG-powered cars initially start up in petrol mode only and then switch to CNG mode once the engine reaches the optimum temperatures. However, the Altroz CNG can even do cold starts in CNG mode, making it all the more convenient.

Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless phone chargers are present in almost every new model coming out these days. And still, the Maruti Baleno doesn’t get this feature, even in its standard petrol-powered trims. On the other hand, Tata has introduced this feature with the Altroz CNG and it’ll soon be made available on the standard trims as well. Wireless phone charging can be a very handy feature, especially on the days you forget your charger at home. 

Rain Sensing Wiper

Rain sensing wipers, a simple, yet effective feature where the wipers automatically activate whenever the sensors detect water, is missing on the Maruti Baleno, but is offered on the Tata Altroz CNG. In fact, Tata’s premium hatchback is actually the only one in its segment to get this feature, and it is available from its XM+(S) trim onwards. 

Price Talk

The remarkable list of features on the Tata Altroz’ CNG variants set it apart from its competition, making it a unique and desirable choice.

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In terms of prices, the Altroz CNG’s starting price of Rs 7.55 lakh is lower than the Baleno’s price tag of Rs 8.35 lakh. However, owing to the more premium list of features, its top-spec trim retails at Rs 10.55 lakh, while Maruti Baleno goes up to Rs 9.28 lakh (all prices ex-showroom). Moreover, with a total of six CNG variants – as compared to the Baleno’s two – the Altroz also offers a wider choice of options for selecting a package that’s best suited to you according to your needs.

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