Citroen eC3 vs Tata Punch EV: Real-world Range Compared

  • May 28, 2024
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Will the more expensive Punch EV go further than the Citroen eC3? Let’s find out

Citroen eC3 vs Tata Punch EV: Real-world range compared

India’s entry-level EV segment has really spiked in popularity in the last couple of years, with the launch of EVs like the Tata Punch EV, Tata Tiago EV, Citroen eC3 and the MG Comet. In this comparison, we have with us the Punch EV LR, which has gained immense popularity since its launch, going up against the Citroen eC3, which is primarily a city car for smaller families. 

Tata Punch EV

The Punch EV gets two battery options, a smaller 25kWh battery for the MR (mid range) variants and a larger 35kWh battery for the LR (long range) ones, with a claimed range of 421km on a full charge. 

Let’s find out about the real-world range of the Punch EV:

The Punch EV was juiced up to 100 percent battery charge before the test, and indicated a range of 233km on the digital driver’s display. With the test being carried out on a hot sunny day, with a generous use of AC throughout the day, the Punch EV managed to get a decent range of 259km. 

A point to note is that the micro-SUV was driven on our usual ‘Drive to Death’ route which includes city driving, inclines, highways and expressways.

Citroen eC3

Moving on to the Citroen eC3, the hatchback is only available with a 29.2 kWh battery pack. The eC3 has a claimed mileage of 320km, which is significantly lesser than that of the Punch EV. So let’s find out how it fares in the real-world: 

Unlike the Punch EV, the Citroen eC3’s  test was carried out in city conditions only. Due to burning hot conditions in the city of Pune at the time, the AC was hard at work for as long as the car allowed it. After almost a day full of driving, the Citroen eC3’s battery pack was completely drained after giving us a real-world range of 232km. 

Let’s just compare the results in summary:


Punch EV LR


Real-world Range As Tested



Tata Punch EV
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The Punch EV is priced between Rs 10.99 lakh and Rs 15.49 lakh (ex-showroom). The Citroen eC3 has a higher entry price but cheaper at the top end with fewer features, and prices range from Rs 12.76 to Rs 13.56 lakh (ex-showroom). Other rivals for these two EVs are the Tata Tiago EV and the MG Comet.  

Let us know your thoughts about the real-world range of both EVs – were you expecting a greater range? Or are you impressed with the real-world numbers? Drop in your comments below.

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