• Q. What is the meaning of ABS ?

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    Zigwheels | 11 months ago

    ABS stands for Anti-Locking Brake system. It monitors individual wheel speeds; if a wheel starts to slow (decelerate) sooner than the other wheels, the ABS can monitor this and ease off the hydraulic brake pressure to the wheel that is going to lock (losing grip). Initially, if the driver applies too much pressure to the brakes (with his/her foot on the pedal) ABS will take over and reduce the brake pressure to the slowing wheel, preventing wheel lock-up and allowing the driver to gain steering control.If the wheels lock (stop rotating) on a damp road surface for example, the momentum of the vehicle causes them to slide over the road’s surface in the original direction the vehicle was travelling. Turning the steering wheel at this point to avoid a collision would make no difference to the direction of travel.

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    Gopal | 2 months ago

    Anti braking system, which avoid harras braking.

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    Ranganathan | 3 months ago

    Automatic Braking System.

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    Hotel | 3 months ago

    Its not available in K10

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    Sandeep | 3 months ago

    Anti lock braking system

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    Full | 5 months ago

    Anti lock bracking system it helps you on rainy roads the car will not slip on rainy roads

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    Padmanabhan | 4 months ago

    Anti lock breaking system. It helps in rainy season.

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    Nitin | 4 months ago

    Antilock braking system

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