Car floor mats

There is a wide variety of car mats to choose from. ZigWheels helps you decide

Fabric floor mat

Car mats protect the carpet and floor from dust, water, dirt etc, and are either made of cloth/carpet or rubber. Aside from keeping the car's floor clean, they also help enhance interior aesthetics. 

Cloth mats

Available in a range of colours, cloth/carpet mats are soft and have a rubber back which prevents them from slipping. They are flexible, washable and are absorbent which make them ideal in the rains and muddy conditions. Starting at around Rs 450 they are also the cheapest. They are not as durable as rubber mats though.  

Rubber mats

Rubber mats are known for their durability but they cannot absorb or soak in water and mud like cloth mats. These are priced  upward of Rs 550. 

All-weather mats

All-weather mats are absorbent and have upward turned edges which keep water from seeping over the sides and are, therefore, better than basic rubber mats. They are the most expensive of the lot with prices starting upward of Rs 750.

Plastic floor mat


Universal fits

These mats are designed in such a way that they can be used in almost all cars. However, they may not fit your car floor perfectly, and thus may not be entirely dirt-proof.


The grooves and ridges on rubber or all-weather mats keep mud and liquids off the car floor. The specially shaped edges also provide grip, and make for easier ingress/egress. 

Cargo liners

These are mats made for the luggage compartment of your car and are usually sold as a part of a car mat set. Special liners can be ordered for luggage compartments of SUVs and pick-up trucks.

Avoid vinyl or bad fits

Avoid cheap vinyl floor mats as they are flimsy built and do not look as food nor are as effective as a rubber or cloth mats. 

Ill-fitting car mats can be hazardous. In 2009, Toyota cars in the US had loose driver side mats that would jam the accelerator pedal and take the drivers by surprise as their cars speeded up unexpectedly. 

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