Suzuki Gixxer SF : Detailed Review

The new Suzuki Gixxer SF with its sporty full-fairing, peppy engine, rich ride and dynamics seems to be been designed for soaring success in India.


New Suzuki Gixxer SF comes with full front fairing




Looks like Suzuki Motorcycle India have churned out another success story with the new Suzuki Gixxer SF. As the name suggests, the bike is based on the popular Gixxer and the ‘SF’ postfix stands for Sport Fairing – which has been developed in the same wind tunnel as the mighty Suzuki Hayabusa. And although the Gixxer SF uses the same headlight as its naked sibling, the fairing design and snout of this 155cc motorcycle has a striking resemblance with the ‘Busa, than the Suzuki GSX-R1000.


Design: rating_3.5_rating

It’s a practical design and hasn’t been designed just to grab eyeballs. So, if you look closely you'll notice that it's a two piece design which will be useful during servicing and, God forbid, if you have a crash you'll only need to replace the section that is damaged, than the entire fairing. Moreover, being designed in wind tunnel, the fairing is purposeful too - improving aerodynamic and downforce. What’s most impressive is that Suzuki has managed to keep the same ground clearance in the SF, as on the fairing-less Gixxer.


2015 Suzuki Gixxer SF in Metallic Triton Blue MotoGP special edition



Apart from the front fairing, the rest of the design has been retained from the naked Suzuki Gixxer, so you get the same tank, seats, side panels, split grab-rails and tail piece. Even the instrument console is carried over from the Gixxer - with speedo, tacho, gear indicator and clock on the digital display, along with a handy gear shift indicator light. Thanks to this part sharing, the Suzuki Gixxer is currently the most affordable full-faring motorcycle available in India!


Not to say that there’s nothing new. The SF does get new clear lens indicators and new shape aluminium exhaust end cover. Like the exhaust tips, the heat plate on the side would have looked better if it had the same titanium-type finish, instead of chrome. Also, the key has the Suzuki logo in chrome to make it appear more premium.


New exhaust end-can on Suzuki Gixxer SF looks more premium



It still has the single piece, all-black handle bar, though a clip on would have been more appropriate for the sportier Gixxer SF. You’ll also notice a new handlebar clamp which is said to be stiffer to aid steering, but the black colour of the bolts already seem to be wearing off.


Our test bike came in the ‘Metallic Triton Blue’ colour scheme, which sports the attractive MotoGP inspired livery and matches the florescent green pin stripe on the alloy wheels. This is the best colour combination on offer as the other body colour options - Glass Sparkle Black and Pearl Mirage White, look rather bland without any livery.




Suzuki Gixxer SF comes with a 155cc air-cooled engine



Engine and Performance: rating_4.0_rating

Being a variant of the Gixxer, the new Suzuki Gixxer SF continues to be powered by the 155cc single cylinder, SOHC, air-cooled and carburetted engine that also powers its naked sibling. The motor is light and fairly spirited producing 14.8PS of peak power at 8,000rpm and 14Nm of maximum torque at 6,000rpm.


In spite of using the same engine and five-speed gearbox, the gearshift on the Suzuki Gixxer SF felt surprisingly clunky. Specially, since I have been using the naked Gixxer for the last few months. So, just to double check, I took a different Suzuki Gixxer SF test bike for a short spin and realized that the problem was consistent. But the dealer says that this issue would get rectified after the first service.


The 5-speed gearbox on our Suzuki Gixxer SF test bike was surprisingly clunky



Similar to the Gixxer, the SF is peppy to ride and the engine is tuned to offer broad low-end torque and punchy mid-range. So much so, that you can start from stand sill in second gear without any knocking or protest. Just twist the throttle, and there’s enough juice to make traffic disappear from the rear view mirror.


The Gixxer SF is not just an able commuter, but is also cut out for occasional track days and highway riding. With me ducking down the new front fairing offered decent wind protection, helping the bike maintain three digit speeds comfortably. Now with the slippery design the Suzuki Gixxer SF has a slightly higher top speed than the naked version. My colleague who got a chance to ride it on a track in Japan managed to cross 125kmph, which is commendable for a carburetted 150cc single. The best I could manage was about 120kmph till I ran out of the straight stretch.



Ride and handling dynamics of the Suzuki Gixxer SF is one of the best in its class



Ride and Handling: rating_4.0_rating

Complimenting the performance of this 150cc bike is its rich ride quality and nimble handling which together create a symphony of riding dynamics. And since most of the cycle parts are unchanged from the naked Gixxer, the sportier Suzuki Gixxer SF has the same snug riding position and comfortable saddle height of 780mm.


Then there are rigid frame, chunky 41mm front forks and an adjustable monoshock at the back giving it class leading ride and handling dynamics. With the front fairing and additional 4kg weight, the Gixxer SF feels more front biased than the regular Gixxer, but remains as sharp and agile. 


For most part the full-fairing Gixxer SF feels more alert than its half-fairing equipped rivals



In fact, for most part the full-fairing Gixxer SF feels more alert than its half-fairing equipped rivals. The reason for this is the great grip offered by comparative narrower MRF tyre, Suzuki’s compact proportions and overall weight.


The ride quality, although not soft, can take on enthusiastic riding and scathing roads uncared by Municipal Corporation, both with equally ease. This makes the Gixxer SF ideal for long rides and touring, and the fairing just makes the deal even sweeter.



Suzuki Gixxer SF buying guide and India review verdict



Verdict: rating_4.0_rating

Does it offer enough value for about Rs 10,000 extra over the regular Gixxer, for the new Suzuki Gixxer SF priced at Rs 96,300 (Metallic Triton Blue on road Pune)? Like the naked sibling, the SF has an efficient motor that returns about 50kmpl along with proven performance, ride and handling abilities. Its sportier design is also more suited for touring and highway riding. And if you’ve been longing for a full-fairing motorcycle but with limited budget, here is the most affordable one.


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