WTH?! Mahindra Bolero Fitted With A Western Toilet At The Rear! Covid-19 Effect?

  • Jun 27, 2020
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The purpose of this modification is to avoid public washrooms and maintain social distancing during long drives, says the owner


The Mahindra Bolero is a solid machine that can take you places where regular road-biased SUVs struggle. But a Kerala-based owner of this humble SUV has made an interesting modification that caught our eye: open the rear door and loo and behold, a compact western-style toilet greets you! Take a look at it in the video below:  

A full-fledged western commode in the backside of a Bolero may seem hilarious at first but it’s quite practical, especially in times like these where using a public toilet isn’t recommended. The system appears well built and the owner states the basic mechanism is similar to a vacuum-based toilet in an aircraft. It features an on-board water tank and a seemingly well-routed waste disposal system, which treats the waste with chemicals before it’s released using a valve on the underside. There’s also soap and sanitizer holders within easy reach to clean up after use. Curtains all around the rear partition ensure adequate privacy. We are not sure if the toilet can or should be used on the go, especially if there are passengers in the second row. Oh, and we reckon carrying an air-freshener will be a must! 


The built-in toilet does make sense if you wish to maintain social distancing while on the move. It could be useful during your camping trips as well or when you need to take an urgent break and can’t hunt for a toilet. We imagine ladies giving this unique innovation a thumbs-up too! So far so good. We only hope the system doesn’t malfunction one fine day because out on the road, that could be a major inconvenience. Another drawback is the limited water tank capacity, which we hope doesn’t run out during an ‘emergency.’   

So, what’s the cost of this entire system? Around Rs 65,000, but for those who travel long distances frequently and are concerned about using public washrooms, this portable toilet could be an investment worth considering. What’s more, this particular modification is not limited to just the Bolero and can be fitted onto other SUVs with a decent cargo compartment. 


Mahindra Bolero Video Review

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