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Mahindra Bolero
Mahindra Bolero
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  • Bolero experience

    Bolero experience of driving is amazing.It is.Used for all roads especially in ghats.I would recommend to other because of low maintenance cost and also family friendly vehicle.

  • Bolero very different than

    Bolero very different than other car it look nice the bolero car is very best than other cars i love bolero

  • Great Car

    The Bolero Shine offers essential amenities such as power steering and air conditioning, with optional upgrades available for added convenience. Its exceptional value, affordable pricing, and low maintenance costs make it an ideal choice for budget-conscious buyers. With its reliability, versatility, and affordability, the Bolero Shine stands out as the perfect companion for any journey, whether on or off-road.

  • 4.7
    I am using this car from

    I am using this car from 2017 and also i have own other car as well but i found this car is way better then any other car available in price segment of 20l.In terms of performance is, This is absolute beast with a capacity of 7+1, But this is standard size, You can adjust extra passanger in it.This car gives you good average and durable engine so you can trust your machine.Believe me, I have covered 1150 km in a day.You will get a decent safety with this car.Bolero comes with abs and airbags.Also this car build on good metal which gives extra support in small scraches.Overall a good product when you have a tight budget and want car which gives you good performance with durable engine and milage.You can also accomodate extra passanger with good safety and without headache you can go for longer trip at a price of any hechback car.

  • Super mileage

    Super mileage, Smooth to pickup will driving or gear shift.Site comportable best off-road vehicle and safety 🛟.

  • Good mileage

    Good mileage, Good pickup, Good engine power, Excellent driving

  • Car driver

    Yes i am car driver to all bolero is best car in town ariya

  • Tough terrains

    The bollero 2017the bolero 2017 is known for its ruggedness, Reliability, And off-road capabilities.It's a robust suv designed for tough terrains with a powerful diesel engine.Its spacious interiors and good ground clearance make it popular, Although some reviews note its basic features compared to more modern suvs.Overall, It's favored for its durability and functionality.The bollero 201the bolero 2017 offers decent performance, Particularly in rough terrains and challenging conditions.Its engine provides good torque and power for off-road adventures.On highways, It may feel a bit sluggish compared to more modern suvs due to its older engine technology.However, Its durability and reliability often outweigh any performance drawbacks for drivers seeking a robust, Utilitarian vehicle.Thethe mileage for the bolero 2017 can vary based on driving conditions, Maintenance, And terrain.On average, It tends to offer around 12-16 km/liter, But this can fluctuate depending on factors such as city versus highway driving, The load it carries, And individual driving habits.

  • Enduring Excellence probing the Mahindra Bolero's

    The Mahindra Bolero maintains its dateless supplication and unwavering trustability. Its distinct inured project seamlessly blends phraseology with continuity, guaranteeing loyal interpretation indeed on grueling domains. While the cerebral project might slant towards simplicity, it boasts bountiful room for comfort. Powered by an effective diesel machine, the Bolero strikes an optimal balance between authority and energy frugality. Its straightforward mechanics farther contribute to its responsibility, making it a favored liberty for those seeking a flexible agent able of conquering different driving conditions.With generous ground clearance, the Bolero can easily navigate rough roads, speed bumps, and uneven terrains without getting stuck or damaged.

  • The Epitome of Toughness and Reliability

    With its robust appearance and habitual interpretation, the Mahindra Bolero has obtained my concentration and has come the key feature of continuity and responsibility. Every ride is reliable and affable thanks to its strong construction and important engine, and indeed on delicate fiefdom, its useful amenities guarantee a comfortable and effective ride. An component of release and utility is appended by the useful features and stoner friendly technology, making this SUV ideal for satisfying my requirements for responsibility and continuity. Setting new marks for what a real SUV can do in tours of both appearance and practicality, the Mahindra Bolero has truly surfaced as the personification of durability and responsibility.

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