Toyota Launches The Cutesy C+ Pod BEV With 150km Of Range

Its pint-sized footprint would be a perfect fit for cramming into tight spaces in cities like Tokyo


  • It initially made its debut in near-production form at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019.

  • Measuring 2490mm long, 1290mm wide, and 1550m high and with a wheelbase spanning 1,780mm, it is a two-seater short-mobility solution.

  • A 12.3 PS/56Nm electric motor and 9.06 kWh battery helps it achieve 150km of range.

  • Two charging options are available for the BEV.

  • Unlikely to come to India as the C+Pod is currently a Japan-only model.

Remember back at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 where Toyota unveiled a near-production concept called the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)? Well it's now called the C+ Pod and has finally been launched in Japan. A fitting name considering its pint-sized footprint would help its case in cramped spaces. 

Measuring 2490mm long, 1290mm wide, and 1550m high and sporting a wheelbase spanning 1,780mm, it can seat two people and is aimed at elderly people and new drivers. In design it looks like a cutesy little car you can take for short distances. It's also a lightweight at 690kg thanks in part to the exterior panels being made of plastic. 

The main crux of the C+Pod is what’s under the hood. Powered by an electric motor that takes juice from a 9.06 kWh battery, it pushes a meagre 12.3 PS and 56Nm of torque to the rear wheels. All this helps the BEV reach 150km on a single charge. There’s two options for charging, with a 200V/16A giving the C+Pod a 0-100 percent charge in 5 hours. A 100V/6A charger does the same in 16 hours.

If you think the plastic exterior panels are a cause for concern, Toyota has equipped the C+Pod with a host of safety kit including a Pre-collision Safety System that detects other vehicles (day and night), pedestrians (day and night), and cyclists (day). There’s also an Intelligent Clearance Sonar with Parking Support Brakes (Stationary Objects) to help avoid collisions, or mitigate damage, with walls and other obstacles during low-speed operation.

All-in-all the C+Pod is a nice pint-sized BEV for short distance travels for two. Prices start at 1,650,000 yen ( Rs 11.70 lakh). The BEV is currently a Japan-only model and it’s unlikely to arrive in India.


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