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Toyota Fortuner Legender - Truly Legendary?

The Toyota Legender surprised us with its lack of a 4x4 variant and rather lofty price tag when it launched earlier this year. But could it surprise our road test team on our first drive?

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Stands out, but only from one angle?

The Legender certainly has a distinctive face. Those sharp angles, sporty bumper and eye-catching DRL design make sure it looks like no other Fortuner on the road. But the side profile and the rear are not quite as distinctive. Just a few small changes to the rear bumper and garnish on the boot and a flashy set of alloy wheels being the only standouts. And while some nicy flashy colours could have made the Legender stand out even more, Toyota has chosen to only have one colour option: white with black roof. Yes, they seem to know their customer base really well. What do you think--do you like the looks of the Fortuner Legender over the new Fortuner?

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Finally modern infotainment

If Toyota’s reliability is legendary, something that Toyota is just as well known for is their love for old-school (read that as dated) tech. Thankfully the Legender gets a healthy and much needed dose of tech - highlights include wireless charging, telematics and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. However, why Toyota chose to not give the 11-speaker JBL sound system, which is available in the 4x4 variants, in the Legendar is beyond our realm of understanding. 

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If you’re looking for a bargain/bang for your buck then you will have to look elsewhere. Prices for the new Fortuner have taken a big jump for not a lot of addition to the overall package. Tweaked diesel engine, new features and tech updates and a mildly spruced up interior are the gist of the changes but the price jump ranges between Rs 1.32 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. In fact, the Legender is only available with the 4x2 drivetrain and is Rs 3.1 lakh more expensive than the standard 4x2. And that feels like a lot to spend when options like the Ford Endeavour and MG Gloster, which offer a similar experience for less money, are right there for the taking.  But can you put a price on its famous reliability?

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The Legender is exclusively available with the updated 2.8-litre diesel motor with an automatic transmission and, like we mentioned, a 4x2 drivetrain. Like its predecessor, it’s a nice friendly powertrain, with plenty of torque that allows for easy progress in the city and speedy cruising on the highway. Performance for such a hefty SUV is an impressive 10.58s for the 0-100kmph sprint. But what surprised us was how fuel efficient it was during our fuel tests. The results will surprise you I'm sure.

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So truly legendary?

The Fortuner has already forged a solid reputation for itself. Proven reliability, sturdy build and imposing road presence are its strong points. And a testament to this is the fact that you will rarely find them in the used market with less than 150,000km on the odometer. Despite being the most costly full sized SUV in its segment it regularly outsells its rivals. So maybe the Legender is just a celebration of the Legend that the Fortuner already is? 

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