CERO: Scrap Your Old Car And Buy A New Mahindra SUV At A Mahindra Dealership Itself

This one of a kind vehicle scrapping solution can be done without visiting the local RTO or vehicle scraping agency


The Government of India recently revealed the vehicle scrappage policy, where you’ll be eligible for certain benefits if you scrap your old vehicle for a new one. In line with that, Mahindra has teamed up with Mahindra MSTC Recycling Private Limited (MMRPL) for one-of-a-kind vehicle scrapping solutions under the brand name CERO. 

CERO’s main advantage is to scrap a customer’s old car for a new Mahindra SUV without hassle of visiting the local RTO or a vehicle scrapping agency. It’s essentially a service which can be done at the Mahindra dealership itself. The evaluation of the model for exchange/scrappage values can be done at the dealership or at the convenience of your home..


The dealership will pick up the vehicle post evaluation for dismantling at CERO scrap yards. offer pickup. A certificate of deposit/destruction will be provided post the process. Using the certificate, one is eligible for benefits based on the scrapped vehicle’s value for a brand new Mahindra SUV. 

The SUV giant has started this in-house service way ahead of the implementation of the scrappage policy on October 1. A vehicle needs to be scrapped if deemed unfit post 20 years. 


Both the government and manufacturers have rolled out benefits to encourage people to scrape their vehicles. This includes a rebate of 4-6 percent from the government and a 5 percent discount from the manufacturer. That said, you will be eligible for it only if you scrap and buy a new vehicle.

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