Which Is Faster? H'ness Or CB350RS?

Does the CB350RS offer any extra performance to go with its sportier look?

Honda has given the CB350RS a more modern and sporty appearance than the H'ness CB350 that it is based on, but the RS is still powered by the same 348cc single-cylinder motor as the H’ness. That being said, it has lost a couple of kilos compared to its more old-school cousin. So, does the RS have any additional performance to match its sporty appearance?


Honda CB350RS

Honda H’ness CB350


4.34 seconds

4.39 seconds


11.99 seconds

12.55 seconds

Well, yes, the RS is quicker than the H’ness, but not by an appreciable margin. The two bikes are nearly inseparable at 60kmph, and even to 100kmph, the RS is only marginally quicker. From the saddle, this difference is virtually undetectable.


Honda CB350RS

Honda H’ness CB350

30-70kph (3rd Gear)

6.13 seconds

6.11 seconds

40-80kph (4th Gear)

8.58 seconds

8.74 seconds

It’s a similarly close affair when it comes to roll-on acceleration timings. The H’ness is actually fractionally quicker than the CB350RS in our 3rd gear roll-on test. But with such tiny margins, there’s really nothing between the two Honda retros.


Honda CB350RS

Honda H’ness CB350







One area where there is something to separate the two bikes is braking, and it’s the H’ness that comes out on top here, stopping nearly 5 metres sooner from 100kmph. This is probably down to the fact that the CB350RS comes with slightly off-road oriented tyres that aren’t quite as grippy on tarmac.

Overall, it’s quite clear the CB350RS doesn’t quite pack in any extra go to match its show. To find out if it has any redeeming qualities, check out our full review here.

Honda CB350RS Video Review

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Honda CB350RS

Honda CB350RS

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