BMW X6 Vantablack Teaches Us Definition Of Black

Vantablack is the darkest of all blacks and the X6 Vantablack takes claim as the world’s darkest car, literally


  • The Vantablack shade was created by Surrey NanoSystems.
  • The colour masks almost all the sharp creases and design elements of the X6.
  • X6 Vantablack is an one-off and is not available for sale.
  • BMW X6 slated to hit international showrooms by the end of 2019.

There is no other colour out there darker than black. But as some philosophers will tell you, all colours aren’t exactly what they appear at first glance. In between are various shades, some much much darker. Literally.

That’s exactly what we’re looking at here. Displayed at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show, the BMW X6 Vantablack has managed to beat all shades of black that’s come before it on any car ever. Comfortably taking position as the darkest car of the world, the X6 Vantablack looks eerily dark yet stunning. This dark colour has been created by Surrey NanoSystems, the inventors of the Vantablack technology.

The name Vantablack has been derived for products using extreme black coatings. In fact this technology creates a shade so dark to look at that it can make a three-dimensional product look two-dimensional -- and this is true about the X6 Vantablack. The colour completely masks out the sharp creases and design highlights of the model. In the process, it lends even more prominence to those massive illuminated kidney grilles, dual-barrel LED headlamps and tail lamps, making the X6 appear even more striking.

A small history about Vantablack: This colour was initially developed for creating space-borne equipment. It can be applied from temperatures as low as 430 degrees. It is so dark that it has the capability of absorbing light. In fact, the first generation Vantablack absorbed an astonishing 99.965 per cent of light.

So, do you fancy the X6 with the Vantablack finish as a part of your garage? Well, you can’t, ‘cause it’s a one-off and is not available for purchase.

Okay, you can’t own the darkest car in the world. But what you can buy is the 2019 X6 coupe SUV that has been officially revealed. Expected to hit international markets by November 2019, we expect the SUV coupe to launch in India by the end of 2020.

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