XM Red Label Bags The Tag Of Most Powerful Street-Legal BMW With A Hefty 748PS And 1000Nm Output!

  • Apr 12, 2023
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If the standard BMW XM wasn’t extrovert enough, the Label Red edition should surely hit it home for you

  • BMW XM Label Red debuts globally, production to be limited to 500 units.

  • 748PS and 1,000Nm of output makes it the most powerful Bimmer ever.

  • Gets the same 4-litre twin-turbo V8 plug-in hybrid powertrain as standard XM, but the ICE part has been tuned for more power.

  • Gets metallic red accents inside and out, setting it apart from the standard XM.

  • Production to begin in August, and bookings to open starting 28 April.

BMW has been stirring up quite the controversies in recent times and this new XM Label Red SUV that has just debuted throws off every conventional norm there ever was; especially in terms of its design, which won’t float your boat if you’re not the most extreme social butterfly amongst the most extreme of extroverts. Oh, and also, this is the most powerful street-legal BMW ever made and is limited to just 500 units worldwide. 

And if you’re wondering that Label Red sounds and reads a bit weird to enunciate, and that Red Label would probably be a more fitting moniker, you’re not alone. But Johnnie Walker might have a thing or two to say about the latter! So now that the moniker conundrum has been resolved, let’s talk numbers first:


The standard BMW XM was anything but insipid when it came to power figures with 653PS and 800Nm as the headlining numbers. This was achieved via a 4.4-litre V8 engine paired to an electric motor. The powertrain orientation is unchanged but the thumping V8 has now been tuned to generate additional thump, while the e-motor output is still the same (197PS and 280Nm).

So the combined system output now stands at a whopping 748PS and 1,000Nm - a jump of 95PS and 200Nm over the standard XM. It makes use of all four wheels to deliver that power to the tarmac which is done through an 8-speed automatic transmission.

 The result? The XM Label Red clocks the sprint from nought to 100kmph in 0.5s less than the standard XM’s time of 4.3s. Top speed has been capped electronically at 250kmph, but can further be jumped to 290kmph with the optional M Driver’s package.

The e-motor of the performance SUV is part of a plug-in hybrid system, which comprises a battery pack with 25.7 kWh of usable energy content. This allows for a pure electric drive of up to 83km of WLTP-claimed range; and it can achieve a pure EV top speed of 140kmph as well. 

In yo face styling

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The standard XM already boasted an unapologetic styling, with the huge kidney grille and its corresponding surrounds, the split headlight setup, sharp cuts and creases, swanky alloys and an aggressive rear end. 

The XM Label Red incorporates the same formula but dials everything up a notch (if that was even possible) with ‘Toronto Red’ metallic accents on the grille surrounds, the shoulder and head lines, model badges, rear diffuser and even the wheel inserts of the 21-inch alloy wheels. 

And BMW’s press release images of the car draped in all black with red highlights does look sinister. 


Of course the red interior theme continues to flow inside the cabin with red stitching on the seats, instrument panel, door trims, air vents and the central console. To remind you of just how exclusive this is, you also get a plaque below the control display denoting the number of that specific unit. 

Attention to detail is key here as even the + and - symbols on the carbon inlay paddle shifters get a red finish. And while it might not be the most opulent amongst a few of its competitors, it still gets ambient lighting, four-zone climate control, a Harman Kardon Surround Sound System, 360-degree camera and dual screens for the infotainment and digital driver’s display. 

You also get a host of ADAS features, which include front-collision warning and lane keep assist as standard; however, adaptive cruise control and traffic light recognition are optional extras.

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Production for the most powerful street-legal Bimmer will start in August, while global bookings will open from 28 April. Given that it is a highly exclusive SUV with production limited to 500 units, we do hope a few units make it to India. The XM Label Red will fend off competition from the likes of the Ferrari Purosangue, Lamborghini Urus S and Aston Martin DBX.

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