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Lamborghini’s Pure V12 Isn’t Dead Just Yet, Thanks To One-offs Invencible and Autentica

The Invencible coupé and Autentica roadster bid adieu to pure V12s before Lamborghini is inevitably ushered into the era of hybridisation

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Just when we thought it's over, i.e., the era of glorious pure V12s from Sant’Agata Bolognese Lamborghini; the marque’s 12-cylinder engine is having one last dance. 

Two actually, as the Italian supercar maker has revealed two one-off cars – a roadster and a coupé. Called the Invencible (coupé) and Autentica (roadster), the two are the swansong of Lamborghini’s unadulterated V12 engine, before the era of the hybrids arrives. 


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, you could triple that count and still not fully cover what Lamborghini has created here. It’s stunning, it’s marvellous, it’s intimidating, it’s fierce. We can’t decide on one, such is the depth of the design. 

Sharp creases and lines make up the exterior of both bulls. Lamborghini fanboys will notice that the front design has a hint of the Sesto Elemento and they won’t be wrong. But it's actually the design cues of the Sesto Elemento, Veneno and Reventon that have been blended to create these masterpieces. 

The bonnet is heavily inspired by the track-only Essenza SCV12 and the front splitter sports vertical struts and horizontal slats to manage airflow. The profile is as aggressive as it gets with sharp lines and creases and galloping air vents that span the width of the car.

The rear of the coupé is arguably the busiest in terms of design. The hexagonal LED taillights complement the hexagonal central tri-exhaust tips which are Inconel tips: a high-grade steel alloy derived from the aerospace industry. 

The massive motorsport-derived spoiler on the Invencible is supported by two flanking fins protruding out of the engine bay and the body panel beneath it outlines the housing for the taillights. The back end looks almost diffuser-less as the last visible body panel actually ends alongside the exhaust.

Autentica, the roadster, has pretty much the same front and side profiles as the Invencible. But the similarities become far and beyond at the rear, starting with the absence of a spoiler. Instead, it features integrated roll bars, inspired by open-top racers of the past. Its bodywork is finished in Grigio Titans with details in Matt Black and a Giallo Auge livery, while the coupe sports a bright red shade and contrasting red flake carbon elements. 

Both the cars get a cabin theme that matches their exterior theme. And the layout is very familiar too, with clean lines throughout the dashboard, hexagonal air vents, and the cockpit-inspired central tunnel. 

Final goodbyes

Lamborghini’s glorious Italian V12 is being given a final send-off and how! The Invencible and Autentica feature the same V12 unit found in the Aventador Ultimae. The 6.5-litre V12, in its last-ever avatar, will belt out 780PS and 720Nm, which will be delivered to all four wheels via a seven-speed ISR transmission.

Although we probably wouldn't even get the chance to drive either of these, we reckon they’ll probably be a hoot to drive. Aerodynamic efficiency has been prioritised and that is evident in the way the cars have been designed. But what isn’t evident is the carbon fibre monocoque from the Aventador, which ensures the weight is kept to a minimum, while offering the maximum rigidity possible. 

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The authenticity of Lamborghini’s V12 is invincible. Authentic because the melody is pure, unadulterated, or forced by any external being. And while we know the pure V12 itself might not be invincible, our love, praise and admiration for it will always be. Farewell.

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