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Why Did The G 310 RR Not Get Adjustable Suspension?

It also misses out on a few other small bits and bobs

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BMW’s latest small supersport might not have blown everyone, especially the Indian fans away. In essence, the new G 310 RR is just a rebadged TVS Apache RR 310. But we were hoping that BMW would offer bits like adjustable suspension, span-adjustable levers and more to its bike. Sadly, it wasn’t. Why not?

Well, speaking to BMW Motorrad India officials, the Bavarian bikemaker did evaluate the possibility of kitting out the same adjustable suspension components that one finds on the RR 310 BTO. There were even a couple of bikes made with the suspension in place, with one of them used in the teaser images, spiking our interests. Sadly, BMW didn’t see the cost-to-usability advantage of using the advanced equipment.

While that does make some sense, we cannot make a reason why span-adjustable levers from the G 310 R and G 310 GS haven’t made their way onto the supersport. Also, the use of Michelin’s Pilot Sport rubber continues to befuddle us, as in our experience the tyres haven’t been best suited to Indian conditions.

Lastly, the BMW G 310 RR’s console doesn’t get Bluetooth connectivity, something that the RR’s console does have. And that is a bummer.

BMW G 310 RR Video Review

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