Here Are 5 Key Differences Between The BMW G 310 RR And TVS Apache RR 310

  • Jul 15, 2022
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Apart from the significant premium, here’s how the supersports differ

BMW Motorrad has finally launched the much-anticipated G 310 RR supersport motorcycle at Rs 2,85,000. While it is mostly a rebadged TVS Apache RR 310, the Beemer commands a premium of Rs 25,100 over the standard TVS Apache RR 310, and here is how both the bikes differ.


While both the bikes get the exact same body design and sharp styling elements, they get different colour schemes and liveries. The Beemer is available in two colour schemes: ‘Sport’ which dons the BMW signature M livery with the red, white and blue colours and ‘Black storm metallic’, painted in complete black with slight white graphics. Both colour options get the BMW logo on either side of the fairing.

The Apache is available in Titanium Black, wrapped in black, grey and red colours, and ‘Racing Red’ painted completely red with silver graphics. With the BTO program, you can even opt to customise the alloy wheels and a racing number on the windshield.

No Adjustable Suspension and Sporty Ergonomics

The TVS Apache RR 310 gets the Build To Order (BTO) platform which offers two kits: Race and Dynamic. In the Race kit, the bike gets sportier ergonomics with a new more committed handlebar and rear set footpegs. With the Dynamic kit, the bike gets a fully adjustable 43mm KYB USD fork with 25 clicks each for rebound and compression with eight notches to set the preload. It also gets a 10-step preload- and 20 clicks rebound-adjustable KYB monoshock suspension. The Beemer completely misses out on these features. BMW mentions that to keep uniformity in the bike offered in India, and the international markets, the newly launched model will miss out on the adjustable suspension. That said, even with the BTO kit priced at Rs 17,000 (including Race and Dynamic Kit), the Apache RR 310 is more affordable than the G 310 RR. 

Instrument Cluster and UI

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While the baby Beemer gets the same vertical digital instrument cluster as the Apache, it gets a whole new BMW boot-up and user interface. However, it misses out on Bluetooth connectivity.  The Apache gets its own TVS SmartXonnect mobile app and comes with Bluetooth connectivity.


Instead of the petal disc brake on the Apache RR 310, BMW has opted for circular disc brakes, the same as the G 310 R and G 310 GS. However, this is a bit disappointing considering that the petal discs have better heat dissipation as compared to circular discs, at least theoretically.


The G 310 RR rolls on Michelin Pilot Street tyres, the same ones as the G 310 R naked motorcycle. The older generation Apache RR 310 rolled on the Michelin Pilot Street tyres as well, however, on the newer generation, TVS shifted to the superior Michelin Road 5 tyres. 

The reason behind using the same disc brakes and tyres as the G 310 R on the supersport could be to keep the production cost in check, and maintain standardisation across the platform. That said, despite commanding a significant premium BMW has given slightly inferior components on the G 310 RR as compared to the Apache RR 310.

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