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Suzuki Is Making A Baby Electric Mercedes G-Wagon, Will Launch It In Europe First

The Jimny EV will make its way to other countries eventually, but, whether it’ll come to India is something that time will tell

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Those following any and all news about the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon will definitely know that an electric version of the SUV is in the works. The luxury off-roader will have an ICE version alongside and will be based on a hardy body-on-frame platform. An affordable off-roader that looks like a mini G-Wagon and one that will get an all-electric version is the Suzuki Jimny, and it has been confirmed for the European market!

How Do We Know That An All-electric Jimny Is In The Works? 

Suzuki has revealed its electrification plans for three of its major markets: Japan, India and Europe. A closer look at the carmaker’s plans for Europe reveal a silhouette of the Jimny (pictured above) with the exact slatted grille. Therefore, we believe the popular (and cutesy) off-roader will get an all-electric powertrain. 

What’s Our Wishlist For The Jimny EV? 

Apart from the silhouette that has been disclosed, there has been absolutely no other details about the electric off-roader that Suzuki has let slip. However, it should retain its iconic design, albeit with a few modern touches for the electric version. And this being an off-roader, it is given that it will have dual motors driving all four wheels. What we wish for is that it should be based on a frame-based construction which will give it the toughness an off-roader would require. 

The Jimny doing donuts like the upcoming electric G-Wagon or crab walk like the Hummer EV is too much of a wishlist, considering that this is very likely to be targeted at customers wanting to pocket a toy from the lower end of the price bracket. But, we do wish it comes with some additional wizardry to make its off-roading prowess as good or even better than the ICE model. 

Lastly, a large battery pack to do long distances and a pair of electric motors with enough poke to keep us smiling, top our wishlist. 

Is It Coming To India?

At least at the moment, nope. This particular silhouette of the electric Jimny is only mentioned in Suzuki’s plan for the European market. So yes, it could be a while before we see the electric off-roader here. However, Maruti Suzuki will be foraying into the EV space with eVX concept, which you can read about here

As for the Jimny, the larger five-door model made its world debut at the Auto Expo 2023 and pre-launch bookings are underway in India. You can expect its prices to be announced in a couple of months. 

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