How to sit in a car

For any of a car's safety features such as airbags and seat belts to work how they should and save lives, it is vital that the occupants be seated properly as well. The right seating posture will also make you more adept at driving, keeping you not only safe, but also alert.


For a driver getting his/her seating position right is extremely important. Too upright and you’ll end up with a backache. Too sloppy and you risk being lethargic. Keep your seat back slightly tilted. Adjust your seat such that with the brake pedal is fully depressed with your right foot and your thighs should only just be off the seat’s front edge. If your steering wheel can be adjusted for rake and reach too, try keeping your arms just slightly bent at the elbows as shown to avoid unnecessary stretching.




Rear view mirrors and Wheel

The Rear View Mirror should be focussed at a view through the rear window, and not at any of your passenger’s faces, however pretty they may be! Also, the best position to hold the steering wheel is in the 3 o’clock-9 o’clock position - this not only gives better control while turning, but also ensures no obstruction to the airbag if it is deployed in the unfortunate case of a crash.




Wing Mirrors

The wing mirrors should be adjusted so that you have a clear view of what’s coming up from behind you. Ideally you should be able to see a little of the rear end of your car and the lane immediately to your car’s side. Also adjust the height enough to be able to see the car behind you completely. Of course, if you don’t have wing mirrors already, get them installed immediately!





Buckle up! Don’t sit too laid back or you’ll fall asleep and a sleeping co-driver isn’t very inspiring company to have for the driver! Sit upright and ahead enough so you can brace yourself with your feet while not encroaching upon leg space for someone seated behind you. Also avoid keeping any loose objects on the dash - they may act as projectiles in an accident!




Back benchers

Doesn’t matter if you’re in the back seat. If your car has seat belts provided, then buckle up! If you’re seated behind the driver, avoid digging your knees into their seat back - trust us, it is very distracting and irritating for the driver. Adjust your head rest according to your height and avoid being a chatterbox or constantly advising the driver on what they should be doing!


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