• Q. Which is better? Activa 125 or Burgman?

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Suzuki Burgman Street and Honda Activa 125, both the scooters have similar power figures. The Burgman Street’s sheer size has its benefits and it's quite clear here. It trumps the Activa 125 with three litres of extra under-seat storage space. Further, it features additional storage pockets laid out in the front apron too. It also comes with a slightly larger fuel tank, which when coupled with the fuel efficiency will keep you going for miles on end. The Burgman also gets a disc brake, which is offered as standard. The Activa, on the other hand, gets it only in its top-spec variant. Both scooters have their ups and downs. But which of the two should you choose? This essentially boils down to the price, features, aesthetics and performance. Although it is a bit on the pricier side, we genuinely believe the Burgman Street comes out on top. Even though the Burgman Street commands a premium of around Rs 4,000 over the Activa 125, you do get a lot more scooter for the price. Read more: Suzuki Burgman Street vs Honda Activa 125: Spec Comparison- https://bit.ly/2wdwb5j Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride in order to clear your all doubts. Click on the given to get your nearest dealership details: https://bit.ly/2jv2aXQ

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    Jai | 4 weeks ago

    The burgman scooter is kind of new technologies in Indian market .The chashis is very good in tough performance .This bike is inspired by 400 cc elder brother burgman,in Indian market 125 cc with all this features is good with led lighting,but compared to Honda Activa bs V1 ,Honda is value for money ,and trusted for almost every average indian .Suzuki burgman cost 88k werein Honda Activa just 69-75 new BS V1 launch

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    Rahul | 2 months ago

    Activa is old now, it is worth buying only if they give it the new age look. No wonder they are losing market share to others.

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    Sabyasachi | 7 months ago

    Activa was good. My activa is nearly 3 to 4 years old. till his service is good. Bt burgman is new beast in market. for me aprila 125 is far better than any other.

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    Praveen | 1 year ago

    Burgman gives you more features and much better looks for just around Rs 4,000 more than the top-end Activa. I'd recommend the Burgman over the Activa.

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    RAMKUMAR | 3 weeks ago

    @ RAMKUMAR | Good

    Burgman Street very comfortable and good for long drive riders

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    Priyanshu | 9 months ago

    Both are good, burlt if you have budget to purchase burgman then you should go for it.burgman will provide you more confidence and comfort

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    Vedic | 2 months ago

    Go for burgman value for price

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    Diptimayee | 7 months ago

    Go Suzuki burgman street dear. Very comfortable and stylish scooty I ever seen. It's better than honda 125.

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    Sailesh | 2 months ago

    Burgman is better

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