• Q. Which bike is best in city for daily use for teenager?

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    Anshul | 10 months ago

    Depends on the city conditions.. its roads precisely.. moreover the age of a teenager... The teenagers always have the craze of speed.. power and performance but they lack skill of controlling the vehicle and wise decisions regarding when to push the throttle to its limits and when to stay low.. Hence, i would recommend safety in the first place. Any bike which is not more than 200 cc but is equipped with dual channel ABS will be a good choice. A bike with 150 cc engine having dual ABS will be the perfect pick. Nowadays trend is changing so there are certain bikes in the 150 cc segment market which offer dual channel ABS. I would suggest to go with those models. Personally i found Gixxer and Fz much stable when it comes to handling but i am not sure that they are available with dual channel abs or not at present in Feb 2019

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    Pranav | 4 months ago

    KTM 390 is absolutely not a city ride bike, unless you take it out few days a week and few times in city traffic. If you are someone who does a lot of city ride then I would suggest to go for D200 KTM, it pretty much does the same job. It is a lot forgiving then a D390. D390 is a pure race bike with insane acceleration and it demands speed, speed and speed. It doesn't settle for less.Other bikes that are best suited for city rides are1. Yamaha R15 V32. KTM Duke 200 (Already listed above)3. Pulsar 220 Etc and many more which are fuel efficient and are made up for city rides.~ Pranav.

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    Subrat | 3 months ago

    I won Duke 390 but this bike is tuned for heigway high rpm ride and it really felt by engine power.. Due to engine heat this bike is not specifically designed for city unlike fz250, Suzuki, are good for city but poor in highways

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    Muhammed | 4 months ago

    If it's your first bike then try in 150-200 segment.so you can upgrade your bike after getting how to control.im telling because I lost my best buddy like this.when we start to ride our first bike 95% will be squids because of the power we felt after some months then u think about that u will ride mannerly.teenagers are the best squids on the road.ride safe live long

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    Subhajit | 1 month ago

    As you are rich then you use bullet 350 -500 .. as you are middle class then you can use spelender...

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    Balaji | 3 weeks ago

    Not for daily use it drinks lots ...of energy and emit more heat and use in heavy traffic situations..

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    Saumya | 7 months ago

    Depends on the style of bike you prefer to ride- commuter, cruiser, sports. Also, the budget that you are comfortable with. So you have a plethora of options ahead of you

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    Husain | 1 month ago

    Depends on factors such as average of the bike ...how many ccs you want and so on

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    Shubhruto | 6 months ago

    Yes.... best bike in 200cc segment. if college is so far or if kilometres is countable so go for 110cc bike for 55kmpl bcz..pulsar rs 200 mileage is not more than 42kmpl

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    Mayank | 5 months ago

    There are many bike in the market now like Fz 25 , Duke 125, Pulsar but I would suggest if you are a teenager don't buy any bike until you are 18 years old.

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