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Hero Splendor Plus
Hero Splendor Plus
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Hero Splendor Plus User Reviews

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  • 4.2
    It's the best bike for beginners

    It's the best bike for beginners and if you want a good bike in low price, It gives you a good mileage and good experience as well, It's light weight so it's easy to control.It looks classy and is cheap, If you want a bike for a long term then also it's a good choice, It can go upto 10-15 years and it has very low maintenance cost.

  • Classically Elegant.

    The Hero Splendor Plus is a typology of reliability and simplicity representing the heritage, of commuter motorcycles for their timeless design with effective function. With its familiar profile, easy-on –the -pocket engine and hassle free ownership experience the Splendor plus continues to be a riders favorite for everyday commuting. It is rare these days to find a motorcycle that screams modern minimalism and uncomplicated functionality as this does; making it the perfect vehicle for urban commuting just as much, if not more so than rural riding. Hero has built the Splendor Plus keeping durability, affordability and maintenance in minds so that buyers can use this crafted delivery for regular transportation without any reservations. But riding the Hero Splendor Plus is never about getting there or not; it’s really paying homage to one of motorcycling’s enduring pleasures, namely cruising on something with a cool historical pedigree

  • Experience in this bike was

    Experience in this bike was good and the mileage of this bike is more than all other bike and also we get comfortable and best for daily use

  • Time-Tested Reliability and Efficiency

    The Hero Splendor Plus still reigns supreme in the minds of commuters due to its unbeatable mix of reliability, fuel efficiency, and affordability. Its classic style, simple lines and a good riding position tempts motorcyclists of all ages. Equipped with a renewed 97.2cc engine, the Splendor Plus provides sufficient power for urban riding and regular tasks without compromising on-fuel economy. These very low maintenance costs and unrivaled durable construction make it a favorite for riders that want trouble free ride. Features including electric start, alloy wheels and i3S tech for better fuel efficiency continue to make the Splendor Plus Plus a stand - out competitor in the commuter motorcycle segment, thus attracting the attention of rider loyalty across the world.

  • Great .I love this bike.in

    Great.I love this bike.In fact for me it is a matter of pride and pleasure to drive it.

  • City commuting

    The hero splendor plus is a popular commuter motorcycle in india, Known for its fuel efficiency, Affordability, And reliability.Here's a review of the hero splendor plus: **design:**the hero splendor plus has a classic design with simple and straightforward lines.The motorcycle has a comfortable upright riding position, Which is suitable for everyday commuting.The fuel tank is designed to be compact and efficient, And the side panels have subtle graphics that add a bit of style.Overall, The splendor plus has a no-nonsense design that is practical and functional.**engine and performance:**the hero splendor plus is powered by a 97.2 cc, Air-cooled, Single-cylinder engine that produces 8.02 ps of power at 8, 000 rpm and 8.05 nm of torque at 6, 000 rpm.The engine is mated to a 4-speed gearbox.The motorcycle has a claimed top speed of around 80 km/h, Which is sufficient for city commuting.The engine is smooth and refined, And it provides decent acceleration for a commuter motorcycle.The splendor plus is known for its fuel efficiency, Delivering an impressive 60-70 km/l under normal riding conditions.**ride and handling:**the hero splendor plus has a simple and easy-to-ride nature.The suspension setup, Consisting of telescopic forks at the front and dual shock absorbers at the rear, Provides a comfortable ride, Even on rough roads.The motorcycle handles well in city traffic and is easy to maneuver through tight spaces.The brakes are adequate for the motorcycle's performance, With a drum brake at the front and a drum or disc brake at the rear, Depending on the variant.**features and practicality:**the hero splendor plus comes with a range of features that enhance its practicality and convenience.It has an analog instrument cluster that displays basic information such as speed, Fuel level, And odometer readings.The motorcycle also includes a kickstarter and an electric starter for easy starting.The splendor plus has a small storage space under the fuel tank, Which is useful for carrying small items.Additionally, The motorcycle has a sturdy carrier at the rear for carrying luggage or cargo.**pros:**- excellent fuel efficiency- affordable and low maintenance cost- comfortable ride quality- easy to ride and handle- practical features like storage space and carrier**cons:**- lack of modern features like a digital instrument cluster or fuel injection- limited performance and top speed- basic braking systemoverall, The hero splendor plus is a reliable and economical commuter motorcycle that offers good fuel efficiency, Ease of use, And practicality.Its simple design and proven reliability have made it a popular choice among budget-conscious riders in india.

  • 4.6
    I recently had the opportunity

    I recently had the opportunity to ride the splendor plus bike, And here's my firsthand experience.The driving experience was smooth and hassle-free, Thanks to its lightweight frame.Maneuvering through city traffic was a breeze, And it handled well on highways too.Comfort is undoubtedly a standout feature.The well-padded seat and upright riding posture made my journeys quite enjoyable.Whether navigating busy streets or cruising on open roads, The splendor plus provided a comfortable ride throughout.In terms of performance, The bike lived up to its reputation for fuel efficiency.The mileage was impressive, Making it an economical choice for daily commuting.The pickup was sufficient for city traffic, Ensuring a quick and responsive ride.The build quality is commendable, Showcasing durability.While the design is simple, It adds to the bike's charm.However, It may lack some of the advanced features found in more modern models.One of the best aspects for me was the fuel efficiency, Making it a practical option for regular commuting.On the downside, It might not have the flashy features that some riders seek in higher-end models.Hero motocorp's extensive service network ensures good after-sales support.Spare parts are readily available, And the overall service experience adds to the bike's appeal.To sum it up, My experience with the splendor plus was positive.It's a reliable and efficient choice for daily commuting, Offering a comfortable ride and impressive fuel efficiency.While it may not be the flashiest bike on the market, Its simplicity and dependable performance make it a practical and popular option.

  • Good Bike

    I am from sales field bought this bike 3years back and till yet i loved and enjoyed riding on it.The bike is1extremely good for long travel riders cos it gives 70km to 80km mileage and you don't have a back pain while1riding it because of the seat curves.Suspension is awesome whether you are riding it on road or off road cos i1mostly visit village and rural areas and you will not feel like that something is h*****g you from below.In1any conditions from extreme hot cold or in rany days the tyre will give you a good grip on road.Though it's1not good for hero types guys who love to speed up the bike more then 80km/hr cos it has a vibration problem in1that speed.It is good for people who drove it within 45 to 65km/hr.And in this speed you can maintain the bike1also for long time.It has very low maintenance cost from 3 years i hardly expenced anything on it except one1time tyre changed cos i drove 150+km everyday for my office work.Time to time maintenance work i had done and still it looks new.I am very1much happy with this bike.

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