Avoid spurious fuel

Adulterated fuel is bad for your car engine's health and overall fuel efficiency. Here's what you need to do to ensure that your car gets filled with only clean fuel

Fueling a car

For long lasting engine life and improved fuel efficiency, one has to ensure constant and consistent use of clean fuel. Fuel can be called bad or spurious when it gets contaminated with adulterants like kerosene. In recent years petrol and diesel are being adulterated with solvents like naphtha, raffinate, slop, etc. These adulterants not only cause engine knocking and increased vehicular pollution, they also lead to far more serious consequences, damaging the interiors of the motor and in some cases complete engine seizure.

There is no way one can come to know if the fuel is adulterated just by looking at it. Detecting fuel adulteration requires it to be chemically broken down in labs, and that we all know is highly impractical.

However, there are a few practices one can adopt to avoid using spurious or inferior-quality fuel. For instance, always visit a big, branded fuel pump where you are able to see the density of fuel in their meter boards. The quality of fuel in small, remote and not so well-known bunks is usually suspect so if you know a place that sells good fuel, fuel up from that particular filling station. Keep the fuel tank filled up at all possible times to avoid the need of fuelling up at an ordinary pump during an emergency. Avoid buying fuel from roadside shops when driving outstation.

Following these steps will ensure that your car always has clean, good quality fuel, which in turn will help your car’s engine respond better and feel peppier.

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