Royal Enfield Hunter 350 vs Classic 350 - Ride down to Rider Mania 2022 | Feature comparison

  • by Arun Mohan Nadar
  • December 9, 2022
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Rider Mania is the largest gathering of Royal Enfield motorcycles and owners in the country, and after a break of two years thanks to the pandemic, it’s back for 2022. So we here at team ZigWheels decided to ride down to Rider Mania 2022 in Goa on not only the most quintessential Royal Enfield, the Classic 350, but also it’s younger, urban sibling, the Hunter 350. The point of this 500km long journey from our HQ in Pune to Vagator Hill Top in Goa was not only to have some fun participating in all the festivities, but also to see how the Hunter, a primarily urban motorcycle, would fare against the Classic - the defacto choice for highway riding.


The journey not only included arrow straight highway stretches, but also some lovely B-roads, the super fun winding corners of Amboli Ghat and some horribly broken stretches of road. We compared how these bikes fare against each other in terms of highway comfort, fuel efficiency, tackling twisties and rough roads. The result might be a little obvious already, but nevertheless, the ride on both bikes was nothing short of fun.

Hosts - Arun Mohan Nadar & Priyadarshan Bawikar

Editor - Harshvardhan Rathod

DOPs - Neeraj Panwar & Nikhil Rege


Find more details about the Hunter and Classic on the ZigWheels website:

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 -

Royal Enfield Classic 350 -


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