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Royal Enfield Hunter 350
Royal Enfield Hunter 350
Rs. 1.49 Lakh
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Royal Enfield Hunter 350 User Reviews

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  • Driving experience

    The driving experience is very smooth and its mileage is too good and very comfortable

  • Classic and Buttery-Smooth Ride

    A retro-modern roadster that blends classic sophistication with contemporary styling and functionality, the Royal Enfield Hunter with 349cc engine produces butter smooth torquey power. The bike also has dual channel ABS, LED lights and the digital instrument cluster. The seat height is 800mm and the lightweight means that it can be ridden in urban areas easily. Its handling and responsiveness is enhanced with the use of 17-inch wheels and short wheelbase. The Royal Enfield Hunter is a bike for new riders and experienced ones due to its performance, which provides affordable and fun features.

  • Awesome Bike

    The driving experience of the Hunter 350 is highly commendable, offering a smooth and enjoyable ride. In city conditions, it provides an impressive mileage of approximately 26-28 km/l, while on the highway, it excels with an estimated 36-38 km/l. The first service cost is reasonable, standing at around 2100rs. Additionally, the build quality of the Hunter 350 is solid, receiving a thumbs up for its durability and construction.

  • The Versatile Cruiser

    With the Royal Enfield Hunter, cruiser segment boundaries expand as it provides riders with a unique combination of contemporary design, nimbleness, and a pleasant ride feeling. The Hunter with its modern look, responsive engine and cruiser friendly features is an evidence of Royal Enfield’s efforts to provide a globally acceptable cruiser that meets the modern rider’s needs. This cruiser not only features a sleek and multi-purpose design but also provides a spirited and rewarding ride. Royal Enfield had masterfully engineered the Hunter with its engine responsiveness, nimble handling, and versatile ergonomics that not only adjusts to particular riding situations but also provides an enjoyable and dynamic bike performance. Riding the Royal Enfield Hunter is more than casual cruising; it is a dynamic and innovative adventure in the contemporary world of modern cruisers.

  • Classic design

    It has classic design with modern touch also provided comfortable ride and smooth riding.

  • A Modern Trailblazer with Classic Roots

    The Hunter, the first Enfield Royal series, is a culmination of a dynamic revolution in the world of the motor cycle whereby modern design touches mellow with the strains of continuity of the heritage of the spirit of the Royal Enfield motorcycle. Signaling a new time in the history of modern cycling, it is its distinctive design sitting on a profile of sharp lines and deserving forms, Sketchbook can optimize the generation of the thing shape by removing it from learner to a professional context or use it in another way as his lnstument for new things. Powered by a robust motor, the Hunter is an energetic and accomplished roller that passes well offroad as well as through the streets of the city. As a result of the upright seating position and nimble steering, the Hunter is ideally well manageable in those terrains. Its new-age aspects like led bullet headlamp and digital instruments in form of an advanced engine control unit make the motorcycle feel quite refined. A symbol of the Royal Enfield’s dedication to innovation, Hunter comes as a virtu on the trail and calls upon the riders who seek an adventurous attitude with perfectly harmonious blend of sluggish heritage and modern flair.

  • Embracing Adventure with Contemporary Style

    With the Royal Enfield Hunter, a new age for adventure biking dawns- where modernity is fused with ruggedness even by means of its design. With its sound design, which features the powerful lines and minimal body-line work that defines adventure readiness alongside a host of advanced technologies such as power steering suspension antenna in addition to wreck handling quickly some the specifics it an amazing companion for explorers. Powered by a strong engine, the Hunter offers exhilarating and capable riding dynamics uniquely responding to its ethos of road adventure. The suspension is adjustable; the tires are pretty versatile while posture remains ideal for commute on-road ride Capable of handling both hard-packed jumps and soft sand hills with ease, the dynamic nature of its design renders this adventure bike attractively equipped for dedicated adventurers who want to go beyond the tarmac trails brimming with confidence. The Hunter Royal Enfield is a reflection of adventure biking quality which attracts enthusiasts to hit the road with style and guts.

  • No words but Praise

    .The Modern Classic Adventure of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 A contemporary take on a traditional adventure bike, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 combines a robust sportfisherman- style styling with adaptable performance. The Hunter 350 is a remarkable representation of Royal Enfield's fidelity to creating a sportfisherman that embodies the spirit of disquisition, thanks to its adventure- inspired appearance, robust machine, and cozy ergonomics. It's the perfect option for motorcyclists looking for adventure both on and off the road because the 350cc machine guarantees a strong and able riding experience. The Hunter 350 is a bike that Royal Enfield has precisely erected with features like a windshield, binary- purpose tires, and baggage mounting points. It's a swish way to glide around megacity thoroughfares and adds a little adventure to regular lifts.

  • Adventure Cruiser

    Owning thе Royal Enfiеld Huntеr has bееn a nostalgic journеy infusеd with modеrn thrill. Thе 350cc еnginе еffortlеssly еchoеs thе iconic thump, offеring a dеlightful blеnd of powеr and tradition. Thе dеsign pays homagе to Royal Enfiеld's timеlеss lеgacy, adornеd with contеmporary fеaturеs likе LED lighting and a dual-disc braking systеm. Nimblе handling makеs city ridеs a brееzе, whilе thе robust build еnsurеs a commanding prеsеncе on thе road. Thе Huntеr еmbodiеs thе еssеncе of classic motorcycling, making еvеry ridе a cеlеbration of hеritagе and еxhilaration.

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