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Get genuine TVS Radeon spare parts and accessories list. Find out offcial price list of different accessories & spare parts of TVS Radeon which includes Leg Guard, Mudguard, Brake Shoe, Spark Plug, Headlight and other body parts.

TVS Radeon Spare Parts Price List

TVS Radeon Parts Authorised Dealer Price Extra GST 28% Total Price
Side View Mirror Rs. 299 Rs. 83 Rs. 382
Headlight Rs. 898 Rs. 251 Rs. 1149
Fuel Tank Rs. 3210 Rs. 898 Rs. 4108
Fender Front Rs. 895 Rs. 250 Rs. 1145
Chain Sprocket Rs. 1025 Rs. 287 Rs. 1312
Cam Chain Rs. 699 Rs. 195 Rs. 894
Battery Rs. 999 Rs. 279 Rs. 1278
Engine Oil Rs. 960 Rs. 268 Rs. 1228
Air Filter Rs. 149 Rs. 41 Rs. 190
*These are estimated price and may vary based on location. Price mention above is in Rs
*SGST (State GST) + CGST (Central GST) = GST

TVS Radeon User Reviews

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  • TVS Radeon Reliability Meets Stylish Commute.

    Experience the perfect balance of reliability and stylish commuting with the TVS Radeon. This commuter bike is designed for riders who appreciate a reliable and stylish companion for their daily travels. Riding the Radeon is like Starting on a journey with a trusty friend a bike that not only ensures dependable performance but also stands out with its stylish and practical features. With its solid build, fuel-efficient engine, and eye-catching design, the TVS Radeon is an super choice for riders who prioritize reliability without compromising on style.

  • A Delightful Adventure with TVS Scooty Zest

    I fondly express my gratitude towards my TVS Radeon.The remarkable mileage of 73kmpl ensured by the 109.7cc Dura Life engine has been a pleasant surprise and the performance has exceeded my expectations. Its sturdy build powered by the efficient engine gives it the power to withstand long distance travel with optimum fuel consumption. Its engaging brown and beige color scheme along with the chrome accents does justice to its style while maintaining a classic look. In my journey so far with the TVS Radeon it has demonstrated the charm of a dependable commuter bike.

  • Yes it is a very good computer

    Yes it is a very good computer for city due to it mileage and pickup as well i like the classic look of this motorcycle i have been riding this motorcycle since 2 years no problem excellent job by tvs for this superb product.

  • TVS Radeon: A blend of Style and Performance

    I bought a TVS Radeon a while ago and it has been an exciting journey since. The TVS Radeons 109.7 cc engine with its reliable mileage of 69.3km/l surely stands out in today market. The sturdy build and stylish Chrome ascents give it an inspirational look. Such a rich blend of vintage and modern touch. The comfort is top notch it does not make you weary even after long rides. The durability is admirable and maintenance is pocket friendly. One could not ask for more in a fantastic two wheeler. The ride quality is smooth comfortable and absolutely exhilarating.

  • Gaadi kafi achhi hai or Kam

    Gaadi kafi achhi hai or kam budget meine hai or mileage bhi kaafi hai i love this bike

  • 4.2
    Repair bike

    Tvs radeon is my first bike.Good mileage if you run gradual increase in speed to 40-50.During my first mileage test it gives me 55kmpl, Next 78kmpl, Later 104kmpl (tough to belive but true) and now after 19000 km it is constantly around 80-90( now riding some city traffic road )after free service i stopped go to dealer for service.But i sharply do it on my own.My schedule is strictly follow the service manual.I use tvs full synthetic oil.And replace every 5900-6000.The labour charge for oil change in 200, Also i will feel satisfied during every oil change that i had completely drained all my old oil and filled with new oil.At first i feel fear to change my brake shoes on my own, Not wear yet, But one day i took my tools and done on my own and felt very easy.I completely cleaned the drum (you will find black powder inside) and lubricated the brake cam.Incase if i went dealer ship for this, The simply change the brake shoe (there is main comedy, That the rear weel brake shoe set price arounf 160 but labour charge is 150).But never forgot to keep an eye on wear limit indicator.Currently i faced canister problem and my vechicle turned off on road.I went to trip that day without my phone and a local mechanic cleared that problem by cleaning the hanging tube by pressurised air using a hand pump (but nothing found blocked but my problem solved) i can comfortably ride upto 30-40 km continiously.(this for my body condition only)finally my point is tvs radeon is a good bike.But you will laught out loud or die inside for the service team.In my house we have 3 tvs vechiclesradeon, Xl 100 and a zest.With the replaced brake shoes i made a laptop stand and now using it live.But the sad thing is that the brake shoes were not weared even partly.The service team simply replace and file your bill.If you need a bike, Look minimalistic and good good good gooooood mileage choose radeon.It is more comfortable for womens too.My sister prefered to go with me in bike during her perganancy days than thunderbird350 (my uncle's bike).During bike selection my choice is to buy apachee 160 4v 2021.But later one day i saw tvs raden ad on youtube, White colour an engineer will open a dam.That made me impressed.Also i trused the tvs quality because we already owning a tvs products.Also apache is nearly half the budget (you can buy some gold for the remaining money ) an important this i missed is light.Its awesome if you riding on low beam and if you pressed the passlight trigger.Then you find the big opposite vechicle will dim their lights (dont use for abusing).Very good lighting.Led are really b******t compared to hallogen.The led only job is to distrub the opposite comming vechicles.Also it is easy to repair bike, Most of the part were fitted with screws and not complicated clips and pannels.You can simply repair on your own.Thankyou.

  • Great Car

    The TVS Radeon is my first bike. It delivers good mileage, especially if you gradually increase your speed to 40-50 km/h. In my initial mileage tests, it provided 55 kmpl, then 78 kmpl, and surprisingly, 104 kmpl. Now, after covering 19,000 km and navigating city traffic, it consistently delivers around 80-90 kmpl. After the free service, I opted to perform maintenance tasks myself, strictly following the service manual. I use TVS full synthetic oil and replace it every 5900-6000 km. The labor charge for an oil change is 200, and I find satisfaction in completely draining the old oil and filling it with new oil. Initially, I was apprehensive about changing the brake shoes, but I overcame my fear. Though they haven't worn out yet, I cleaned the drum, found black powder inside, and lubricated the brake cam. If I had gone to the dealership, they would have simply replaced the brake shoe (with a set price of around 160, but a labor charge of 150). I always keep an eye on the wear limit indicator. Recently, I faced a canister problem, and my vehicle turned off on the road during a trip without my phone. A local mechanic cleared the issue by cleaning the hanging tube with pressurized air using a hand pump. Despite body conditions limiting my continuous ride to 30-40 km, I must say the TVS Radeon is a good bike. However, dealing with the service team can be a frustrating experience. In our house, we own three TVS vehicles: Radeon, XL 100, and a Zest. I repurposed the replaced brake shoes into a laptop stand. Unfortunately, the brake shoes weren't even partly worn, and the service team simply replaced them, adding to the bill. For those in need of a bike with a minimalist design and excellent mileage, the Radeon is a good choice. It's also comfortable for women; my sister preferred riding with me during her pregnancy days over the Thunderbird 350 (my uncle's bike). Initially considering the Apache 160 4V 2021, I changed my mind after seeing a TVS Radeon ad on YouTube featuring a white color and an engineer opening a dam. I trusted TVS quality due to our previous positive experiences with TVS products. Additionally, the Apache is nearly half the budget, leaving room for other investments. I must highlight the impressive lighting, especially on low beam and when using the passlight trigger. The LED lights of other vehicles dim in response, providing excellent visibility. Compared to halogen lights, LEDs are less effective, serving mainly to disturb oncoming vehicles. Repairing the bike is straightforward, with most parts fitted with screws rather than complicated clips and panels, making it easy for self-repair.

  • An Everlasting Symbol full of elegance

    There are millions of value conscious customers in India and they should be at the center of our attention, therefore the TVS Radeon is a charming commuter motorcycle that fits classic design with modern functionality making it an ideal choice for those who value a little sophistication in daily fitness. Characterized by its design which remains seasonal, chrome accents and a comfortable seat, the Radeon has brought a fabulous dimension to the overcrowed commuter segment.Equipped with a 110cc engine that is frugal and exuberantly economic in terms of fuel efficiency, it has a very smooth and quiet driving experience with minimum non-stop trouble. Directedness of the bike in terms of its strong frame along with additional build help to provide the stability on different road conditions. Usable qualities such as a USB rechargeable unit as well as generous storage capacity under the seat further contribute to its popularity among users.In essence, the TVS Radeon proves that a commuter motorcycle can be simple and stylish at the same time and thus one capable of providing riders daily journeys with reliable companions that they find pleasant to look at.

  • Excellence Redefined

    The TVS Radeon conveys a new definition of driving significance, conveying an optimal mix of style, comfort, and viability in an ordinary resident cruiser kind. The Radeon tends to be an encapsulation of a bicycle made by TVS to suit the necessities and prerequisites of standard riders in light of its dazzling appearance, pleasant features as well as reliable execution. 109.7cc Dura-Life engine is eco-accommodating and offers a smooth ride; ideal for everyday excursions all through town. TVS has been exceptionally shrewd in arranging the Radeon with a long and pleasant seat, solid stuff racks bigger than common headlamps among various features subsequently making it a specialist bicycle that successfully investigates through city traffic as well as gives rider a beguiling ride. Riding the Radeon is a different option from a technique for showing up at protests; it addresses power, style, and solace in driving reliably.

  • TVS Radeon: Commuter Comfort Redefined

    Redefining the commuter comfort, TVS Radeon provides a functional design with comfortable performance in the segment of commuters. Equipped with a classic styling, along with incredibly comfortable ergonomics and fuel-efficient engine, TVS’s Radeon represents the company firmly upon its dedication to providing an enjoyable as well respectable urban driving. The 110cc engine gives efficient rides, so it is a perfect option for daily driving and city travels. Besides, TVS has created the Radeon bike thoughtfully; it provides a long and comfortable seat, rugged metal build as well as stylish headlamp for zipping through city road quickly without losing comfort of everyday rides. Riding the Radeon is not only about getting somewhere, but it also affirms a redefinition of commuting comfort in an exciting canvas that defines modern city mobility.

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Recently Asked User Questions and Answers

Q. What is the start type of TVS Radeon?
  • TVS Radeon is equipped with kick and self start.
Q. What is the wheel base of TVS Radeon?
  • The wheelbase of the TVS Radeon is 1265 mm.
Q. What is the wheel type of TVS Radeon?
  • The TVS Radeon has alloy wheels.
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