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Honda Activa 125: 2,000km long term review

The Honda Activa 125 long term has crossed the 2,000km mark and here is what we have to say

Honda Activa 125 rear shot
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The Honda Activa 125 nudged past the 1,000km mark when the monsoons had just arrived in Mumbai and we knew it would be the biggest challenge the scooter would face especially for its suspension. The Activa 125 rolled over broken roads without any effort but on the pothole filled monsoon roads of Mumbai it had a tough time. The front telescopic forks perform aptly but the rear suspension is stiffly sprung which takes a toll on your lower back. One of the benefits of the scooter is that your feet isn’t in contact with the road surface which means your feet don’t get wet and although it doesn’t sound remarkable, trust me working with wet feet isn’t something you look up to. 

The under seat storage of the Activa 125 proved useful in storing my windcheater alongwith rain pants and I didn’t have to carry them along with me to office as was the case with motorcycles.  The 125cc powerplant continues to impress me with its refinement and power, and one never feels underpowered while riding in city or on straight as it manages speeds between 70 to 80kmph without any trouble. The disc brakes on the Activa 125 mean that braking performance on wet surfaces is confidence inspiring. Coming to the qualms, the Honda Activa 125’s electric start doesn’t work when it gets wet under rains and one has to use the kick to start the scooter but once the scooter gets dry, the electric starter commences working. Also the front panel has started to rattle but we feel the clatter and the electric starter problem will be rectified after it gets serviced. On the fuel efficiency front, the Activa 125 has returned us a steady 47kmpl (overall figure) and given the traffic conditions of Mumbai it is impressive.

Date Acquired: May 2014

Total km till date: 2,130km

Fuel consumed: 45.3 litres (Since Last Report; Total distance: 1,495km)

Overall fuel efficiency: 47kmpl (As tested)

Cheers: Performance, Fuel efficiency

Sneers: Faulty electric starter, rattling of front body panel, stiff rear suspension

Total Cost: Nil

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