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  • 5.0
    The Komaki SE isn't just

    The komaki se isn't just about looks and performance – it's also got safety covered with its keyless entry feature.No more fumbling around for keys when i'm on the go.Just a simple press of a button, And i'm ready to hit the road!.

  • 5.0
    Best thing about this ebike

    Best thing about this ebike is that it's very smooth and the comfort you get while sitting and carring anything with you is best.With such low cost anyone buying this will be on a profitable side while comparing to other e bikes and petrol bikes.

  • 5.0
    I have been Cruising around

    I have been cruising around on the komaki se for a while now, And let me just say, That boot space is a lifesaver.Absolutely loving it.

  • Coma ki company ka scooter

    Coma ki company ka scooter bahut hi ghatiya aur service center bahut hi bekar hai

  • Maine coma ki electric company

    Maine coma ki electric company ka scooter kharida bahut hi bekar aur service center bahut bekar hai

  • 5.0
    Nice headlight

    Nice scooter, Nice headlight, Everything is nice.

  • 3.4
    Charger cables

    I'm owning Komaki for 3 weeks. It costs around 1.25lac in Karnataka and no fame 2 subsidy or state subsidy is applicable except for road tax exemption. It comes with a 3kw motor, 72v 20ah li-ion battery pack. Positives: 1. Good mileage of 120+ km in single charge.2.Good speed.33kmph at mode1, 55kmph at mode2 and 70kmph at mode3.3.Quick acceleration4.Reverse button.5.Lightweight.6.Leg space is very wide and comfortable for long ride.7.The Brake system is good with front and rear disk brakes8. Regenerative braking exists.9.The headlight is decent and sufficient for any road conditions without disturbing other riders.10.Remote lock, Theft alarm, Keyless entry options are additional features.11.Attractive look.12.Comfortable riding with pillion rider.Negatives1.Speed - top speed reduces gradually up to 15kmph lower with reducing battery voltage from 83v to 72v.2.Acceleration: it is quick with considerable pull even if you apply the accelerator slowly. You need to wait for a particular point where it suddenly catches the command and attains rated speed very fast. It is very uncomfortable compared to a conventional petrol scooter or other bikes. Searching for the acceleration point gives lots of pain to the shoulder. 3. Plastic toy: it is just like a plastic toy. Smells very plastic when parked under sunlight. Even stickers printing is not professionally done.4.Space under the seat: no space is given even for the charger.Nothing can be stored under the seat. 5. Odometer: a. You need to refer to voltages, The battery level indicator is not reliable. B. Cumulative km travelled doesn't have a decimal place. So if you travel 0.9km and restart the scooter, 0.9km will not be added to the cumulative distance travelled. C. Speed is not accurate compared to petrol scooters.D.Display visibility is poor under Sun. 6. Mat: Plastic mat is provided and it is slippery. 7. Charging: a. Charging time is more than 4hrs.B.Charger cables get heated gradually. C. Battery is removable. But I can't charge it indoors. 8. High cost. Fame2 is not applicable. 9. Buttons are of poor quality. Cheap plastic. 10. Few electrical components are not rated for the 72v class. Bluetooth speaker is provided, But not of any use than listening to songs in public. They claim the product is from Japan, But no such evidence is available on the internet. Even they don't own an email domain. It's only known that Komaki is a place in Japan. I am not disappointed so far with the performance. I am an Apache RTR200 owner and still feel riding is comfortable with Komaki use. I have chosen this scooter only for mileage at a lesser cost and a single battery since I travel minimum 60km per day. For me, it is the best choice compared to other brands available near my area. But I would suggest the buyer think twice before making a decision. Suggestions to the manufacturer: 1. Upgrade the motor controller so that acceleration is smooth. 2. Give additional space for charger and helmet under the seat. 3. Provide quality accessories like switches, Sockets, Mcb with rated voltage and current.

  • 4.2
    Highway rides

    Positives: 1) Range of 120 km with the single ride with a maximum speed of 60kmph. With doubles and 60kmph around 90 to 100kmph. Range reduces with an increase in weight and speed. 2) Good balance. 3) Excellent braking. 4) Cruise control for highway rides. Negatives: 1) Seat size needs to be increased. 2) Footrest to be provided. 3) At least for lithium-ion variant platform height to be reduced. 4) Error in speedometer (both speed and km ) to be corrected. 5) Under-seat storage to be increased. 6) Seat quality and rear suspension quality to be addressed. 7) Indicator and horn switch position to be changed. 8) Built quality to be improved.

  • Poor service

    Very poor service no response on email.Our bike had a blast on 04th nov 2023 at 20:12 hrs while we were visiting our relatives.Since then we are following up with everyone but no one is bothered to revert.We could have lost our lives that night.We have the entire videos of the blast which were shared on email.But no reply from komaki.Pathetic service we will take this to consumer court.

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