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Audi e-tron
Audi e-tron
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  • Experience with My Audi e-tron

    After six months of driving the Audi e-tron, I am generally impressed, though some aspects could be better. Its range of approximately 359 kilometers on a full charge has been sufficient for my daily needs but recharging can sometimes be a hassle due to limited fast charging stations in my area.

  • e-tron innovation i like

    I got to try it out a fe­w times. It's a cool electric SUV that fe­els fancy and goes really fast. The­ inside is huge with comfy seats. And it drive­s smooth with awesome tech. That's what make­s it so nice compared to other e­lectric SUVs. Another great thing is that it's one­ of the cheaper options for all the­ nice features you ge­t. But the driving range could be longe­r.

  • Audi e-tron - Powerful motor

    Audi e-tron is fully electric car of new generation. Company Provide us good Range of car to travel long distance. Approx range is 400km/Full charge. This electric car also best for quick acceleration & instant Torque. Car driving experience of mine is very smooth & memorable. overall all car safety is also very good. Charging of electric car is also very cheaper than any type of Fuel. So this is best advantage of this electric car. interior of car is also unique and impressive.

  • Where Luxury Meets Legacy: Audi e-tron

    This wonderful car is endowed with long-distance range and fastest charging ability. When it comes to doing its job, it cannot be compared to its gas guzzling competitors. The cabin of the car can be equipped with the greatest brands and the latest technology gadgets, creating a nice, beautifully furnished and connected driving experience.

  • my best recommendation

    One of my friends had quite recently purchased Audi e-tron and it really seems to be a lot beneficial to him. He briefed me about this car and his experience with it. Listening to which even i had made up my mind to buy this one on the occasion of Diwali this year. It is a compact car model, with a fair range of price. The safety equipment comes with airbags and other elements. Superb structure, the exterior is aesthetic and the interior is quite spacy and comfortable.

  • to empower the next generation

    The Audi e-tron, previously discussed, is a fully electric, luxury SUV that prioritizes comfort, practicality, and performance. My car supports both AC and DC fast charging. Using a DC fast charger, you can expect to recharge the battery from 10% to 80% in around 8.5 hours which is very time consuming making it less accessible during emergency. The ride quality is smooth and quiet due to the electric powertrain. The price starts from around ₹ 1.01 crore. However there is a lack of charging infrastructure.

  • Audi e-tron: An Electrifying Experience

    After one year of savings I finally went green by purchasing the Audi e-tron and the journey has been nothing short of electrifying. My e tron, with its dual motor setup offers a robust 355 horsepower which can boost up to 402 hp using the Sport mode quick enough to keep my adrenaline pumping on those weekend drives. Not to mention,The cabin is a quiet decent with upscale materials and high tech features like the dual touchscreens that manage almost everything from navigation to climate control.

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