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Our Audi e-tron image gallery showcases the electric SUV car in 20 pictures including e-tron in Brilliant Black, Galaxy-blue-metallic, Catalunya Red Metallic, Floret Silver Metallic, Glacier White Metallic, Mythos Black Metallic, Navarra Blue Metallic, Siam Beige Metallic and Typhoon Gray Metallic colours. You can also get a closer look at e-tron by accessing the 360-degree view. These images provide a comprehensive view of the Audi e-tron, highlighting its design and features. Take advantage of our detailed photo gallery to explore every detail of e-tron and make an informed decision before making your purchase.

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Audi e-tron
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Audi e-tron User Reviews

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  • All-Electric Power: Audi e-tron Review

    The Audi e tron is first fully electric SUV from Audi. It has a large 95 kWh battery that gives it an estimated range of over 330 km on a single charge. Power comes from two electric motors one on the front and rear axles that produce a combined 355 horsepower. This allows the e tron to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 5.6 seconds. The interior has a high tech feel with two large digital instrument displays and an optional virtual side mirrors.The e tron rides smoothly and handles well for an SUV thanks to its adaptive air suspension.

  • Redefining Electric Luxury with Power

    " The Audie-tron captivates with its ultramodern design and electric prowess. Its opulent innards, amended with slice- edge features, redefines automotive substance. Powered by electric motors, it seamlessly combineseco-friendliness and complication. Advanced safety technologies support its appeal, prioritizing passenger security. Thee-tron's smooth acceleration and meliorated handling make it a name in the electric vehicle geography. Seamlessly fusing luxury, invention, and sustainability, the Audie-tron sets a remarkable standard, feeding to those who seek a harmonious mix of style and high- performance exhilaration in their galvanized driving trip. "

  • Tiny SUV with mix of power and fuel economy

    The Audi E Tron is a luxurious electric car price at above 1 Cr. It's a fabulous car though, and provides you countless no of features. To start with this car is environment friendly, and I can bet you that you would love this cars vibes. It's super comfortable om the road and has a high mileage depending on the version of car you take. It's looks are so good, and I just love it. It has a modern sleek design and well built interiors as well, making it a great car.

  • Shaping the Future of Electric Mobility

    I'm actually impressed by the model's offer. Because of its outstanding features, I detect myself charmed to this model. instituting sustainable driving, the Audie-tron provides a peep of the future. I have been impressed by this model's capacity to give for others. The agent's electric drivetrain and coincidental features give for a further ecologically friendly driving experience. A safe and pleasurable driving experience is guaranteed by thee-tron's ultramodern technologies and swish appearance.The car is a real head-turner, with its sleek lines and stylish design. It is also gets great mileage.

  • An Electrifying mix of Luxury and Style

    The Audi e-tron seamlessly blends substance with environmental knowledge. This each- electric SUV combines country- of- the- art technology with Audi's hand refinement. Its satiny project and strictly aimed interior transude complication. Beneath the face, binary electric machines give immediate authority and near- silent operation. Thee-tron offers an emotional driving range, rapid-fire charging, and quattro all spin drive for practicality. Inside, the cabin oozes luxury with decoration accoutrements and improved tech features. Thee-tron's devotion to sustainability extends to its use of recycled accoutrements andeco-friendly manufacturing processes.In summary, the Audie-tron is further than an electric auto; it represents Audi's fidelity to luxury, invention, and a greener future.

  • compromising on pеrformancе or luxury.

    Audi е-tron is a ground brеaking еlеctric SUV that pushеs thе boundariеs of sustainablе mobility. With its slееk and aеrodynamic dеsign, thе е-tron sеamlеssly blеnds еco-friеndlinеss with еlеgancе. Its dual еlеctric motors dеlivеr instant and powеrful accеlеration, showcasing thе futurе of еlеctric pеrformancе. Thе spacious and luxurious intеrior is fillеd with cutting еdgе tеchnology, including Audi's virtual cockpit and advancеd drivеr assistancе systеms. Thе е-tron's long distancе rangе and fast charging capabilitiеs. As onе of thе pionееrs in thе еlеctric vеhiclе markеt, Audi sеts a nеw standard for sustainablе transportation, without compromising on pеrformancе or luxury.

  • comfortable ride. Convenience and safety are impro

    I am enthralled by the Audi e-tron's exhilarating performance and dedication to a sustainable future as a user of this vehicle. A variety of unique features in this all-electric SUV revolutionise the driving experience. A roomy, technologically advanced interior goes well with the clean, contemporary appearance, providing both comfort and innovation. The cutting-edge electric powertrain offers thrilling acceleration and a peaceful, comfortable ride. Convenience and safety are improved via the use of cutting-edge technology, including the user-friendly MMI infotainment system and extensive driver assistance functions. The somewhat reduced electric range compared to certain competitors is one disadvantage I've found.

  • "Embrace Electric Luxury with the Audi Etron SUV"

    Consider the Audi Etron as the future of movable electric power. With slice- edge technology and plush comfort, this model delivers harmonious avail and real lift sapience. The Etron provides ample seats and a smooth lift, icing a fun and environmentally friendly holiday . It's the stylish imitator in its class becaI use daily to the important and quick speed rise of its electric machine. The Etron's outside design exudes creativity and polish, while its interior features comfort and slice- edge design. Judges mention its high- end factors, electric drivetrain, and luxurious innards. In any script, possible downsides might include shorter charging ages and a limited reach.


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