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Audi e-tron
Audi e-tron
Rs. 1.02 Crore
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e-tron Running Cost

Monthly Charging Cost Rs. 1920
Daily Charging Cost Rs. 64
Per KM Charging Cost Rs. 1.28

The e-tron has a running cost of Rs. 1.28 per kilometer. Additionally, the monthly charging cost for the e-tron is Rs. 1920. This cost is calculated based on charging the vehicle at a rate of 6.5/ units of electricity and assuming a daily run of 50 kilometers.

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484 km
Battery Capacity
95 kwh
Electricity Price
Total Running Cost
Rs 1.28/kilometer
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Audi e-tron Expert Reviews

Audi e-tron 55 quattro: Audi’s Electric Flagship Of Today

Is Audi’s electric future futuristic enough for you to add it to your future?

Jul 5, 2021
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Audi e-tron User Reviews

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  • Audi e-tron Electric Revolution

    The Audie-tron is the classic of electric brilliance. it's the of sustainability and invention. Its beautiful Design and effective electric motor combine to give an stirring and ecologically friendly driving experience. Due to its tale- quiet operation and flawless acceleration, this electric marvel left me with a lasting print on a recent weekend trip. analogous to a captain leading an symphony, thee-tron orchestrates a symphony of Performanceand performance, setting new norms for electric instruments.

  • Effiecient car

    After claiming an Audi e tron for north of a year at this point, I can say it's the ideal electric SUV. The reach goes up to around 360 km on a solitary charge which effectively covers my everyday drive and tasks. I truly value how smooth and calm it is to drive alongside extraordinary speed increases. Audi likewise made accusing extremely advantageous of their home charging station. A few disadvantages are a somewhat small freight region and a more exorbitant cost tag than gas SUVs. In any case, the reserve funds on fuel and the absence of emanations more than compensate for it as I would like to think.

  • Sophisticated Electrification: The Audi e-tron

    Being behind the wheel of the Audi e tron felt like a revelation. Not only did I get to enjoy the sleek design and spacious comfort but also relish in the whisper quiet ride of the all electric SUV. Its dual electric motors producing 355 horsepower proved to be surprisingly swift. The Audi e tron SVU look more eco friendly in nature. The e tron amidst its electrifying performance is abundant in luxury features boasting a high tech infotainment system and advanced safety features. I found it an incomparable marriage of responsible driving and indulgent comfort.

  • Delighting in the Audi e-tron Experience

    I am profoundly pleased with my Audi e tron purchase. This exemplary SUV has a luxurious interior that offers comfort unlike any other vehicle I have tried. The all electric technology is impressively coupled with Audi traditional quattro all wheel drive taking performance to an entirely new level. The electric range is adequate and charging options aplenty. Innovative features like voice control, digital displays ensure a thoughtfully designed human centric experience. It is splendid how Audi has seamlessly married sustainability with luxury in the e tron.

  • At the Forefront of Electromobility

    The Audi e-tron is a high-end electric SUV which integrates advanced technology, remarkable performance, and luxurious comfort to create a truly exhilarating driving for the drivers. The e-tron with its streamlined exterior, roomy interior and up-to-date Electric Drive is a perfect choice whether you want to take it on daily city drives or simply for long distances. Whether you’re heading to work or on a long drive, the e-tron will give you the silent and peaceful driving experience which is exciting and eco-friendly. Inside the cabin there is a whole suite of high-tech features, aimed at improving your drive, from the simple intuitive infotainment system to the luxurious seating choices.

  • Pioneering Electric Luxury with Performance

    The Audi e-tron is a harbinger of Audi’s electric mobility endeavors that fuses indulgence with environmental friendliness beautifully. The intricate exterior design stays faithful to the brand style, meanwhile, the all-electric powertrain brings an era of eco-friendly driving. The e-Tron is fleet with dual electric motors that enables it to achieve quick torque response resulting to surprising performance that surpasses expectations.Inside, the e-tron provides a luxurious and futuristic cabin featuring Audi's Virtual Cockpit and the MMI Touch Response system. The spacious interior crafted with premium materials makes a comfortable ride for all the passengers. Sustainability is at the heart of the e-tron as it offers the elegance of Audi with the electric efficiency one can only find in this sector. It is a trendsetter in the global market of luxury electric cars.

  • Trailblazing Electric Luxury SUV

    The state-of-the-art Audi E-tron is the vanguard among the electric SUVs, as it amalgamates environment friendly mobility and incomparable luxury. Its unique surface with Singleframe tulle- the Brand icon and aerodynamic shapes- marks the dawn of a new generation of flowing and futuristic electric vehicles. Outside, interior of Audie-tron exquisitely enwraps in high- end accessories and advanced technology- a fusion of comfort and connectivity. Audi’s electric-driven E tron provides a smooth, powerful drive characterized by silence equivalent to endurance; bearing testimony to the German company’s resolve for sustainable driving.

  • With its Advanced technological inventions

    With its Advanced technological inventions and electric fineness, the Audi Q8e-tron redefines transportation. Its electric drivetrain provides whirlwind acceleration and a quiet, comfortable ride, and its disparate design and sumptuous innards make a statement. all my family members will detect the ample innards comfortable, and improved entertainment and driving backing systems will boost luxury and security. For longer sorties, the defined range could need careful planning. nonetheless, the Audi Q8e-tron represents the zenith of coincidental mobility for those appearing for luxury and sustainability in a high end SUV.

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