No, This Isn’t A Modified CB300R. It’s Hero Electric’s First e-Bike

We take a closer look at the AE-47 through these detailed images

Hero Electric has been churning out e-scooters for a while now, but with its new AE-47, it has now ventured into the electric motorcycle segment. The bike’s design has caused some interesting discussions amongst us at the office, so we thought it’s worth a closer look: 

If the design looks familiar to you, you’re not alone. This is a harsh way of putting it, but the AE-47 looks a bit like an electric rip-off of the Honda CB300R.

Don’t believe us? Decide for yourself.

The fascia is characterised by a circular LED headlight with a small flyscreen atop.

A large, scooped rider's seat looks quite spacious, but we suspect the pillion will be left wanting for real estate.

Switchgear seems to be of reasonably good quality and the AE-47 features a retro kill-switch.

Even the fully-digital instrument cluster looks near identical to that seen on the CB300R, with an empty gear position indicator and everything.

A 4kW hub motor propels the AE-47 to a claimed top speed of 85kmph. The dash to 60 will take 9 seconds, which doesn't sound too exciting, to be honest.

The 3.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack is housed in the belly of the bike and Hero claims this is good for 160km of range in Eco mode. A full charge will take 4 hours.

Why any motorcycle requires such long footpeg feelers is beyond us. The shape of them also brings to mind some, erm, nasty thoughts.

These mirrors look a little tacky, like something you might find as an aftermarket accessory on AliExpress.

A petal type disc up front is assisted by another disc at the rear in bringing the AE-47 to a halt.

A little bit of finessing is certainly in order before the bike hits our roads for good.

Hero Electric AE-47 E-Bike Video Review

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