Groupe PSA (Citroen) Sets Up Technical Centre In Chennai

The technical centre will help finetune Citroen operations in India before the launch of the C5 Aircross in 2020

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  • Technical center consists of four different departments under one roof.
  • It is expected to enhance productivity for PCA India employees, who will be instrumental in the success of Citroen in India. 
  • Groupe PSA plans to expand its reach in the India-Pacific region soon.
  • Citroen will launch one car every year beginning 2020, beginning with the C5 Aircross

In a move to increase the chances for the Citroen brand in India, parent company Groupe PSA has opened a new Indian Technical Center in Chennai. The technical centre has been set up via its subsidiary, PCA Motors India Private Ltd.

The new center will consist of departments like Research & Development, Programs and Projects, Global Purchasing Hub, Supply Chain, Process and Manufacturing Engineering, Quality, KD Excellence Center and Product. It is expected to provide smoother and more efficient working of employees in PCA India under one roof and ensure the Citroen brand has better success than other new entrants in the competitive Indian automotive market.

The new office is also expected to help finetune its operations in India ahead of the launch of the C5 Aircross SUV in 2020. This new centre should help Citroen’s plans of launching one car per year starting from 2020.


Press Release:

29th July 2019, Chennai: 

Continuing its commitment for Indian market, PCA Motors India Private Ltd, part of Groupe PSA, opened its new India Technical Center [ITC] in Chennai. The new ITC will play a key role in smoother & more efficient working of the employees of PSA India. Working together as one single team, in a large open space, will boost the capacity of the group to accelerate further in India. Mr. Eric APODE, Senior Vice President, PCA Motors India, was present at the launch.

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The ITC is located in a specific building area, Chennai One, which is part of one of the Chennai Special Economic Zones [SEZ]. The new center will house departments of Research & Development, Programs and Projects, Global Purchasing Hub, Supply Chain, Process and Manufacturing Engineering, Quality, KD Excellence Center and Product. The co-location of the technical partner of Groupe PSA - TCS [Tata Consultancy Services], located in the same zone, will help to enhance the synergies and the efficiency of the work.

Commenting on the launch, Emmanuel Delay, Executive Vice President & Head of India-Pacific, Groupe PSA, said, “The new India Technical Center [ITC] is an important step for the development of Groupe PSA in India, and is definitely an asset to grow the Group’s business in the India & Pacific region. This is part of our strategy to develop a global network of state-of-the-art technical center, strategically positioned in India, to support a customer-oriented agenda. With the new center, we’re focusing our investment in creating a cohesive work environment to accelerate our growth. This unified approach will improve speed, efficiency and effectiveness of our employees, while enabling us to address evolving consumer needs more quickly in the future. Our investment in ITC further emphasizes the importance of India to our global business.”

Commenting on the launch, Eric APODE, Senior Vice President, PCA Motors India, said, “The new India Technical Center is the next strategic step for Groupe PSA in India. It will allow the group to accelerate quickly its growth in India, through the development of new products and deployment of our strategy in and outside India. The area around our new center is popular for housing dozens of international and Indian companies, this gives the Groupe strong confidence of attracting Indian talent to the new ITC. The Monozukuri philosophy, the art of creating objects in an efficient and effective way is now taking shape with our new India Technical Center, which will benefit group operations domestically and globally.” 

The new office have been designed and built in a frugal way, consistent with the spirit of scalability corresponding to the India project. Going forward, the state-of-the-art center will also house a workshop for styling, architecture and assembly of prototypes

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