1:18 2009 Bentley Continental Supersports: Model Review

This budget rendition of the Bentley Continental GT Supersports is one of the best models we have laid our hands on recently

1:18 Bentley Continental Supersports Side
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Bentley, one of the world’s oldest and most desirable automotive brands in the world has been making the Continental in various guises for decades. The first ever Continentals were made between 1952-1965 and were hand crafted by Vikers Coachbuilders. The second-generation models were produced from 1984-2002 with the third and current generation models being produced in the Crewe factory from 2003 onwards. With the car currently in its 3rd body style, this rendition of the Bentley Continental has been one of the most popular cars for the likes of the typical Bentley old-school Bentley customer and the new ‘footballer’ Bentley owner alike. In 2009, Bentley decided to hark back to its uber power automotive history and launch the Bentley Continental Supersports. At its time, this was the most powerful Bentley ever made.

Bentley is known to be picky about their clientele and until recently only a very few and extremely high-end model makers were allowed to make Bentley modelcars. Then in 2012, Welly, one of the fastest rising budget model makers in the hobby acquired the licences to make the 2009 Bentley Continental Supersports. Starting off with the exterior, the Bentley Continental Supersport is well represented in a special pearl white paintjob, which is an exact match to the one available on the real car. The front fascia is adorned with beautiful replications of the four headlights that have become the iconic face of the modern Bentley. With well-crafted lenses and little details like the projector headlamps replicated accurately, the only disappointment on the front end is non perforated front radiator grilles and air intakes.

1:18 Bentley Continental Supersports Front

One of the best pieces of detail on the Welly Bentley Continental Supersports though are the concave wheels multi spoke wheels. The slightly less concaved front wheels and deeper rear wheels are painted in a shade of gloss black with a large ‘Bentley – B’ logo in the centre of the wheels. The rear end of the Bentley Continental Supersports is also well represented with its large oblong exhaust tips and an operable bootlid. The rear tail lamps too are well detailed and have a three-dimensional and accurate look to it.

1:18 Bentley Continental Supersports Rear

Most budget model makers usually avoid putting full windows in their models to cut down on costs. However, as seen in the picture above, Welly has decided to go a step beyond the norm and equip the car with full windows that make the Bentley Continental Supersports display much better. The interior of the Supersports is extremely well detailed for the price point it is available at. The sporty front seats and rear strut bar are well represented and so is the detailed dashboard and steering wheel.

The engine compartment too is well represented with the 6.0-litre W16 engine taking centre stage. Some of the details under the hood include the warning stickers and several fluid reservoirs, like the hydraulic brake fluid and windscreen washer containers thathave been accurately represented. The bonnet fits flush with the rest of the body showing the sheer effort Welly has put into this brand new Bentley Continental Supersports mould.

1:18 Bentley Continental Supersports Interior

On the whole then, the 1:18 Bentley Continental Supersports by Welly is a masterpiece for the price one has to pay for it. For a mere Rs 3,999 a Bentley model is no longer the pride and joy of the serious collector but can be accessed by the more novice automotive fan. Available in pearl white and a dark grey, this 1:18 Bentley Continental Supersport is available at most large toyshops and speciality modelcar shops in India.

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