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The Aston Martin DB12 Is Here And It's Stunning!

All’s good with the new DB12 - stunning exterior, captivating interior and revised underpinnings - but where’s the V12?

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It is always an important event whenever a new DB model from Aston Martin comes out. But the DB12, which has just been revealed, is of even more significance as it is the first of a new generation of sports cars from the carmaker. 

Not only is it fresh on the outside, its cabin has received a thorough overhaul including the infotainment system, and there have been big changes made to its suspension as well. Oh, and lest we forget, the DB12 is the latest victim of the downsizing as the glorious V12 is missing (at least for now). But fret not, as the Super Tourer (as Aston is calling it in opposition to the default Grand Tourer classification) is so much more than just what’s underneath as you’ll find out for yourself:

More wow

Aston Martin never fails to captivate you with its jaw-dropping styling language. The DB12 sticks true to the heritage of stunning GT models with the familiar DB design language with a blend of modern elements. The wider 6mm front and 22mm rear tracks give it a mean stance and add substance to its design.

The gaping grille is even bigger than before but still retains the quintessential Aston Martin grille shape. Below it is an air dam with a mesh design which blends seemingly into the flat front lip. The headlight shape is a mingle of the unit from the DBS and the DB11 in the way that it stretches towards the A-pillar. The detailing inside is intricate and features a new dual three-piece DRL element within.

The multiple crease lines on the bonnet make it look more aggressive and add a ripped effect to the overall muscular stance at the front. In profile, the body shape is very similar and Aston has also kept the unique vents behind the front wheels, which are wrapped around 21-inch forged alloys as standard and are available in three different spoke designs. Not much has been changed at rear as it retains the same shape, style and the taillights of the DB11 to a large extent.

More tech

If you think the exterior was stunning, let us introduce you to the new-age cabin of the DB12. Game changer? Maybe, but it truly is a huge leap ahead from any previous Aston Martin cabin, not only in the way it has been designed and crafted but also because of the technology that has been implemented in it. The infotainment system, for the first time ever, has been developed entirely in house by the carmaker. It’s a 10.25-inch unit and it's compatible with both wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

While the dashboard in itself looks clean and uninterrupted for the most part, the central console, which is driver-centric, is very busy with buttons and knobs abound. Even still, their orientation looks clean, well spaced out, and most importantly premium and modern to look at. And with modern day cars leaning towards touchscreen, it’s great to see Aston retaining buttons as that tremendously improves usability. 

The three-spoke steering wheel looks tasty and so do the graphics on the digital instrument cluster behind it. In another first for the brand, the DB12 boasts connected car technology which can be accessed with Aston’s own companion app. 

Less cylinders, more power

Gone is the V12 of the DB11 but in comes an even more powerful 4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine borrowed from the folks at Mercedes-AMG. With an output of 680PS and 800Nm, even though it is short of four full cylinders, it actually has a higher output (41PS and 100Nm more) than the DB11’s V12 powertrain, forget comparing it with its V8 one. 

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Those power figures translate into some frantic performance figures such as 3.5 seconds for 0-96kmph and 325kmph of top speed. And it isn’t just good in straight line speeds as Aston Martin has worked its magic in various mechanical areas. For instance, the new suspension system comprises adaptive dampers and an electronic rear differential, while the new Michelin Pilot Sport 5 S tyres offer a blend of comfort with maximum grip in varying conditions.

First units of the new Aston Martin DB12 will start reaching respective customers in the third quarter of 2023. It should make its way to India sometime in 2024. The DB12’s rivals include the Ferrari Roma, Mclaren GT and its ilk.

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