Check Out Harley Davidson X440’s Aftermarket Accessories: Modifications To Make Your Bike Touring Ready

  • Jun 6, 2024
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These mods can be segmented into two categories: Touring and Protection

Harley Davidson X440 After Market Accessories - ZigWheels

The Harley Davidson X440 is the most affordable Harley bike, with prices starting from Rs 2,39,500 (ex-showroom Delhi). Harley Davidson motorcycles are considered a blank canvas for modifications.  These modifications add a personalised touch to the bike, making it more appropriate to the rider’s taste. The smallest Harley bike doesn't come with a lot of genuine accessories from the manufacturer, but there are many aftermarket modifications available for the bike.

These mods can mainly be segmented into two categories: Touring and Protection. Here they are:

Harley Davidson X440 Accessories: For Protection

Harley Davidson X440 After Market Accessories - ZigWheels

The most crucial protection mod to start with is a crash guard. Harley Davidson offers a crash guard for the X440, but if you are looking for better protection you can check out these: 

Online store Zana is offering a crash guard for the Harley Davidson X440 for Rs 4,000. With a three-point mounting system, the engine guard comes with sliders, heavy-duty mounting plates and rust-free stainless steel nuts and bolts. Its tubes are powder coated and have a 6-month paint/powder coating warranty.

Next is the radiator guard that protects the radiator fan from smaller stones and debris. Another online store called Moto Torque offers a radiator guard for the X440. The mild steel one is priced at Rs 899 whereas the stronger stainless steel radiator guard costs Rs 999.

Moto Torque is also offering a sump guard or bash plate for the Harley, which will protect the engine from damage underneath. It is priced at Rs 2,100 on the store’s website and comes with a ‘do it yourself’ fitment guide.




Crash Guard


Rs 4,000

Radiator Guard

Moto Torque

Rs 899 - 999

Sump Guard

Moto Torque

Rs 2,100

Harley X440 Accessories: For Touring Comfort

Harley Davidson X440 After Market Accessories - ZigWheels

For added convenience on your long rides, you should definitely get a good-quality phone mount, which will help you with navigation. RAM Mounts’ Quick-Grip phone mount is a good pick. It is priced between Rs 5,100 - Rs 5,300, depending on your phone’s size. The mobile holder comes with adjustable side supports which will securely fit your phone. You can easily insert and remove your phone with one hand. It comes with a U-bolt base that fits the handlebar and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Moto Torque offers a top rack for Rs 3,499. It is made of 3mm thick mild-steel material and can carry a top box or soft luggage bags up to 7kg. It comes in a black powder-coated finish. The top rack is compatible with Moto Torque’s pillion backrest, which will directly fit into it with the help of a few nuts and bolts. The backrest is priced at an additional Rs 2,399. 

For carrying more luggage on your trip, you can use the Moto Torque saddle stay which is priced at Rs 3,600. The saddle stay is made of rigid mild-steel tubes with 19mm diameter and 1.6mm wall thickness. It gets 304-grade stainless steel nuts and bolts with a lifetime warranty. The powder coat finish has a 6-month warranty too. You can pair it up with saddlebags from Rynox or Viaterra.

Harley Davidson X440 After Market Accessories - ZigWheels

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Zana also has a fog light mount that costs Rs 1,199, which can be paired with 20W Maddog Scout-X auxiliary lights which are priced at Rs 5,750. The aux lights are IP67-rated and have a claimed lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

For better touring comfort, you can also buy handlebar risers for the Harley Davidson X440 from Zana, which costs Rs 1,699.




Phone mount

RAM Mounts

Rs 5,100 - Rs 5,300

Top Rack

Moto Torque

Rs 3,499


Moto Torque

Rs 2,399

Saddle Stay

Moto Torque

Rs 3,600

Fog Light


Rs 5,750

Fog Light Mounts


Rs 1,199

Handlebar Risers


Rs 1,699

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