BMW iX Flow Can Change Colors At A Flick Of A Button

  • Jan 6, 2022
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It uses E Ink technology to change colours at a whim


BMW has had quite a cool showcase at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show 2022 (CES), with the sporty iX M60 and a theatre-like screen for rear passengers. But how about a car that can actually change colors with a simple touch of a button? Well, BMW has done just that by showing off the all-new iX Flow concept.

So how did BMW manage to make what seems like science fiction/movie magic into a reality? BMW uses E Ink on the iX Flow’s body. To put it simply, the body is wrapped in a special wrap composed of microcapsules that have negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments. So when these capsules are stimulated by electrical signals, it gathers up the white or black pigments at the surface, changing the body color. This tech is also energy efficient as the current is only needed to flow while changing shades. It works on a similar principle as electrochromatic sunroofs.

Sure, the body shades on the iX Flow are only white or gray, but it's a good starting point. It brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘dual tone’. BMW also claims it can help heat or cool the car’s interior depending on the weather. For example, in warmer  conditions, a lighter body shade will help keep things cooler inside, whereas a darker shade should help warm up the cabin that little bit faster. 

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As things stand, colour changing technology is still a far cry from mass production, but what the BMW iX Flow does could have a major effect on personalisation of vehicles in the future. 

For now, you can consider the iX electric SUV with regular exterior finishes at an introductory price of Rs 1.16 crore (ex-showroom, India). The first batch of units sold out a day after its launch but BMW will offer another batch of iX SUVs sometime in 2022. 

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