Tesla Demonstrates How Its HEPA Air Filter Could Beat A BMW SUV In Being Bioweapon Free

It is equipped in the Model X,Y, and S


With the likes of air pollution as well as the viral COVID-19 pandemic lingering outside, the value of safe in-car travel hasn’t been more important. This has led to many cars now being equipped with antivirus cabin air filters. But since this feature involves air which we can’t see with the naked eye, it is difficult to notice the effects of a cabin air filter. Well, Tesla has released a video demonstrating how their massive HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters work. 

To do that, Tesla wrapped up a Model Y and a BMW SUV in an air-tight space, and released smoke bombs. You’ll notice in the video, the Model Y’s cabin remains largely smoke-free, while the BMW SUV’s cabin is filled with smoke. Do note that we don’t know the climate control settings in the BMW SUV. Tesla claims their HEPA air filters can remove up to 99.7 percent of pollen, mould, bacteria and airborne particles.  

Tesla is also offering what it calls a ‘bioweapon defense’ mode that basically forces all the air to go in the HEPA air filter and pressurise the cabin. Tesla’s HEPA air filters are available in the Model X,Y and S. The reason why the entry-level Model 3 doesn’t get it is simply because there just wasn’t enough space to fit in a big enough HEPA air filter to accommodate the bioweapon defense mode. 

Speaking of  Tesla’s entry-level electric sedan, the Model 3 is expected to arrive in India sometime in 2022 at prices ranging around around Rs 60 lakh (ex-showroom) if it is a completely built unit. That said, be prepared for a longer wait as Elon Musk earlier stated he’s “working through a lot of challenges with the government.”


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