A Deep Dive Into The Details Of The Electric Mahindra Vision Thar.e Concept Using 10 Images

  • Aug 16, 2023
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We can’t help but draw design parallels of the Thar.e with other iconic off-roading nameplates like the Land Rover Defender and Ford Bronco

Mahindra is taking its iconic Thar nameplate on an electric path and has previewed what we can expect from it via a concept iteration of it called the Vision Thar.e. The carmaker says and we quote, “The Thar.e is more than an electric evolution of the legendary off-roader,” and in all fairness, we don’t disagree. Although this is far from being anything road-legal, the recently revealed concept marks a bunch of firsts for the nameplate, which will be incorporated later down the line.

So let’s take a 360-degree view at the Vision Thar.e using 10 images, and find out what novel things it brings to the table:

The Mahindra Thar is already a rather robust and muscular vehicle to begin with. The Vision Thar.e takes the same shape effectively but turns the knob on its rugged looks up to eleven and then some. The stance is intimidating, to say the least, and one look is all you need to tell that this is quite some time away from hitting the production lines.

It is based on Mahindra’s new customised INGLO-P1 platform, which has been designed specifically to accommodate the iconic Thar silhouette. And while it is familiar, both the front and rear overhangs have been shortened, while the wheelbase has been increased and will range between 2,775mm to 2,975mm. Ground clearance has also shot up and will range between 250-300mm. 

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Over to the styling – did someone say 5 doors? Yes, the Thar.e, for the first time in the history of the nameplate, previews a 5-door iteration. Could it be a hint at what to expect from the upcoming 5-door ICE-powered Thar? Stay tuned for that answer in the time to come.

The face of the Thar.e is boxy and rugged, thanks to the upright nose and apocalyptic-looking lower bumper. The latter gets a red coloured towing hook, which complements the red-coloured ‘e’ letter in the Thar.e moniker, which sits on the gloss black trim between the square LED headlights. 

The boxy and upright silhouette is probably the most prominent of the abounding details in the profile. The huge squarish wheel arches almost protrude from the flared body fenders and give space to the massive off-road-spec wheels. Slight Land Rover Defender vibes anyone? You also get rather chunky looking side steps for ease of ingress and egress.

The upright design philosophy continues at the rear, but most of it is hidden by that massive spare wheel that’s mounted on the tailgate. But the visible part looks a lot similar to the front, no? That’s because it is – the taillights and the bumper are the same shape and design, and this wasn’t Mahindra being just lazy, but a move done to improve function.

The components on the Thar.e are swappable and interchangeable thanks to their adaptable and modular nature. This should make them easy to fix on the go, so you don’t have to sweat over trails that might be a little too extreme. 

Befitting the concept, the cabin styling is modern, minimalistic, and uncluttered to maintain optimum functionality. A bezel-less screen takes centre stage on the upright dashboard, which gets a dedicated storage slab running the cabin’s width. Grab handles flank the dashboard and you also get small backpacks on the door panels. 

Details of its powertrain specifications are sparse, but you can expect a battery pack size ranging between 60-80kWh. We have confirmation that the electric Thar will sport 4x4 capabilities, so expect a dual-motor setup to take care of propulsion duties, one motor at each axle.

The Mahindra Vision Thar.e is as its name implies, just a vision of what an electric Thar will look like. That vision will be implemented and should bear fruit sometime down Mahindra’s electric future. It could be priced between Rs 25-30 lakh (ex-showroom) and will be an apt rival to the electric Maruti Jimny, which has also been confirmed

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